2012 Mastermind
2012 Mastermind

Welcome to the Evolutionary Adventurers Mastermind.

I am thrilled to partner with you on this full immersion into the power of partnerships and how joint ventures can grow your business really FAST! Let’s spark your Trueness into being!

The program runs from Sep 19 thru Jun 5, but we can get started right away. If you are ready to schedule a private session, visit this link… https://www.timetrade.com/book/F6CPS

This is a 9 month commitment to increase your impact and visibility by sharing your message with more people, in less time. We will be getting you into action to learn how to master the art of joint venture partnership. This IS an evolutionary adventure!


Every mastermind member will choose a list building project.

As part of our work together I will host a WordPress site (with the Optimize Press) theme, where we can build your web pages and marketing materials for your event. This will allow us to work together and tweak your copy. You’ll receive access to it shortly.

You will also be invited to joint venture with me throughout the year, including a our own group JV project.

Program Details

The program runs from Sep 18 thru May 23. You can access all mastermind call dates here.

Your Mastermind program includes:

– Mastermind Jumpstart (Aug 30)
Two Mastermind Retreats (Dec 10-14 & April)
Sixteen Group Mastermind Sessions
Six One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
– Access to My Online Trainings: Enlightened Listbuilding Jumpstart, Listbuilding with Expert Interviews Bootcamp, Virtual Events, Juicy JV Jumpstart, Build Your Tribe in 30 Days Program (scheduled for the Fall)

and all KINDS of extras… LOL!

What’s Next

  1. Complete your user profile on the membership site. Make sure to add your bio and your social media links. If you don’t have a gravatar, get one now. This way your picture will appear on all blogs where you post and in the Class Roster too. This program will power boost your success if you take advantage of the opportunities for partnership and community right here. Click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. So do that right now!
  2. Join the Evolutionary Adventurers Facebook Group. There’s nothing that will power boost your results like partnering with an aligned community. You’ll not only get feedback and support from me, but also from your peers … Priceless!
  3. Introduce yourself on the FB Group and share your specific intentions for our time together. Embody the power of your intentions by simply claiming it. You’ll be surprised at what occurs!
  4. Find a Power Pal. This is someone that will be your buddy throughout the program. This will make a HUGE difference. Check out the class roster and start connecting with as many folks as possible. Then see where there’s a natural alignment and resonance and commit to partner on the program. You can find the Class Roster here.

Important Details

1. You will shortly receive a link to the EA Mastermind Agreement. This spells out in great detail everything that’s included in the program, including what outcomes to expect and what you need to bring to the party! 

This is an electronic agreement, ‘sign it’ and print your own copy for your records. As soon as that is complete, you will receive an email to register for the membership site, with access to ALL the content.

2. All emails for the program will include the [EAM] in the subject line. This will help you identify announcements about the program.

3. If you need tech support or need help with managing your account, use our private customer support ticket system at help desk, so that my team can respond in a timely manner. Please do not email me, as it will take longer to resolve.

I look forward to partnering with you on your Evolutionary Adventure to share your message, make a difference and create an abundant business.

Playing Powerfully,