Can We Send You “Abundance” Checks?

Thanks for your interest in sharing the Enlightened Listbuilding message…

“You can easily boost your impact and income by building a Tribe and partnering with other
Tribe leaders.”

Your referrals, and endorsement of the Enlightened Listbuilding business building programs and products can easily earn you “abundance” checks every month.

Partnership is the currency of the ‘New Economy’ and
will create quantum leaps in your Business, too!

Ready? Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Register for the Enlightened Listbuilding Partner Program  (it’s FREE). 
Just fill out the form with your contact information, and press the link to join.

STEP 2: Print the confirmation email, or save it in a special place. It contains three pieces of information that you’ll need later: 1) your User Name; 2) your unique password; and 3) the link to access the Affiliate Login Page. Plus, it also contains a link to our current promotions.

STEP 3: Sign in to get your unique affiliate link!
 Use the information in your confirmation email to sign in as an affiliate. You’ll find links automatically prepared just for you (with your unique affiliate id embedded in them).

STEP 4: Use your affiliate link to earn passive income!
 When you refer Enlightened Listbuilding  to the people who know, like and trust you (colleagues, friends and clients) using your affiliate link and your referrals make a purchase our system automatically tracks it.When the sale is made you get a nice chunk of change!

This is Better than ‘Teach From the Beach!

When I first starting in my coaching business one of the industry allures was that you could ‘teach from the beach.’ Coaching is mobile and frees you from a ‘traditional office.’ However, there’s nothing passive about sharing the ‘Good News’ about programs and products that you have found to be top notch. Your recommendation, and hopefully endorsement, is not something that we take lightly.

We back our programs and products 100% and will provide you with everything that you need to share with your friends, colleagues and community… and start generating income right away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much can I receive, and how often?
The minimum you’ll receive is 25% and often you’ll earn much more (this varies by product and promotion, but we make your referrals well worth your while). Some promotions offer cash bonuses of up to $500 if your referral purchases one of our programs.You have unlimited earning potential. The more that you refer, the more you get to put in your purse!

Payments are paid monthly, via your PayPal account, once you earn $25 or more. Log in to your account to track your sales 24/7. We use to track everything.

What will I be promoting, and how?

When you join the Enlightened Listbuilding Partner Program, you get access to our Affiliate Resource Center. Log in to see your:

•    Statistics on the links your referrals have clicked on.
•    Links to all of our products and programs.
•    Reports of your earnings and pay-outs.
•    Overviews of each of our products and programs.
•    Graphics for promoting our programs to your contact base.
•    Promotional text to use in your email broadcasts, newsletters, and on your website.

Who is eligible to become an affiliate?
You may become an affiliate program partner as long as you use ethical practices while promoting my products (no spamming! – sending emails to people who do not want to receive them), or advertising on websites with offensive content.

What if I have questions?
Feel free to contact my support team for questions or assistance. We will be happy to help you!

Ready to start receiving “abundance” checks?

Here’s to a very prosperous relationship!

Adela Rubio
Enlightened Listbuilding



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Vanessa Simpkins

Enlightened List Building was the best course to get me off my a** and into action. Adela really knows her material and over delivers. The templates, emails, the how to do behind the scenes, which programs to use, and of course being able to bounce ideas off of you and...

Vanessa Simpkins
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