Interview Topics

Interview Topic #1

How to Grow Your Business with Joint Ventures

If you’re struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach to connect with your potential clients, you’ll want to explore how Joint Ventures can boost your list building, position your message powerful and turbo charge your online visibility, while generating income.

The simplest model of a joint venture is the Expert Interview. On this call we’ll explore…

  • The Inner Game of Joint Ventures. Three mindset shifts that will help you to show up clearly and confidently with your potential partners. Plus we’ll cover how to position your platform and boost your credibility so your partners say yes!
  • How to Find and Connect with Juicy Joint Venture Partners. Where to find partners, what criteria you use and how to get them to say yes to a one-on-one conversation.
  • 6 Essential Element You Must Have to Host Powerful JV’s. We’ll cover strategic and technical elements, as well as administrative and support tasks, you’ll need to plan for when partnering with others.

If you’d like to flip the switch from chasing after clients, to having them clamor for your programs, products and service then you’ll want to explore the power of joint ventures.

Partnership is the currency of the new economy and your business model should include opportunities to partner with other conscious entrepreneurs. It will grow your business, and theirs, and create added value for your community.

~ ~ ~

Possible Questions

  1. Can you share your story how joint ventures helped you grow your business?
  2. Can you share some examples of joint ventures?
  3. Which model of joint venture do you recommend?
  4. What do you need to get started with Joint Ventures?
  5. What if someone is not an expert, and doesn’t have a list, how do you get experts to partner with you?
  6. Where do you find joint venture partners?
  7. What makes for a great joint venture partner?

You just have to wind me up, you won’t need much more than that!

Interview Topic #2

How to Build Your Tribe and Grow Your Business.

Every marketing mentor tells you, and you’ve discovered it yourself, that the money is in the list. That’s not entirely true! Your abundance is directly related to the quality of connection that you have to your tribe and the experts that you partner with to share specific solutions!

  • Articulate your Business Essence. You have a way of being YOU in your business, not only your strengths, gifts and skills, but also the way in which you deliver your work brilliantly. Let’s explore and engage, capture and articulate your unique Business Essence.
  • Define Your Authentic Message. Your message has to answer your Tribe’s pain and inspire them to its possibility. It’s usually something you’re afraid to speak aloud, it might feel embarassing to think SO big. And yet… if it doesn’t scare and excite you it can’t possibly call you into action. Find the Authentic Message that lives and breathes through you.
  • Find Your Tribe. In today’s highly competitive markets it’s BEST to be a BIG fish, in a small pond. The faster you find those folks you LOVE to serve, the quicker your business will grow. Find your tribe and you’ll cut the learning curve instantly.
  • Discover Your Tribe’s Hot Themes. What will capture your Tribe’s attention most is what’s relevant and real. Problems are a powerful pathway, especially urgent ones. You need to find the Hot Themes that your Tribe is eager to resolve in order to engage them through your programs, products and services.

In today’s world of instant information the last thing you want to hear is that it will take you 1-3 years to to grow a profitable business. There IS a way to fast track your growth, but you’ve got to be willing to lead around a specific niched message. Discover how to prosper and profit by sharing your message with more people in less time by connecting with powerful partners and serving a passion-aligned tribe. It’s great to have a list, it’s better to build a tribe.

~ ~ ~

Possible Questions:

  1. What IS a Tribe?
  2. What are the differences between list building and tribe building?
  3. Who do you need to be in order to inspire subscribers and friends to become a part of your Tribe?
  4. What does it look like to have a Tribe?
  5. How to you gather a Tribe around your business?
  6. How can you start to build the feeling of community in your Tribe right away?