Authentic Message Writing Call
Authentic Message Writing Call

Here are the writing prompts used on the call:

Prompt #1:

“The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves.”
Don Miguel Ruiz How would this freedom – to be yourself – play out in your world?

If I were really free to be me, I…

Prompt #2:

“Your Why is the rocket fuel which powers your creations into being. It is the warp and woof in the tapestry of creation, your blank canvas, alive with color and texture. It deepens the groove of your brilliance and fans the flames of your potential. It is the essential fiber of your nature that dominates your daydreams. Your WHY is the catalyst that unleashes your innate genius and sparks sacred momentum in your world.” Adela Rubio

My why …

Prompt #3:

What makes you come alive?

I come alive…

Prompt #4:

If you could do anything you wanted to do – without thought to money or resources – what would it be? Paint me a picture.

Prompt #5:

Share your Top 10 Bucket List.

Prompt #6:

Imagine that we tossed out traditional marketing’s teaching that you must have ONE message. What messages spark your Essence?

Prompt #7:

“That which you long for, also longs for you.” Adela Rubio

What LONGS for YOU?

Prompt #8:

Imagine that you’re hosting a gathering of your favorite colleagues, mentors and friends at your favorite retreat spot. You’ve stepped out of the room to get some refreshments, and on your return you hear them talking about you. What are your colleagues, mentors and friends saying about you?

Prompt #9:

What causes stir you into action, make you go beyond your comfort zone into places you might be afraid to tread, were it not for your passionate commitment.

Prompt #10:

Think of the labels and roles that you might apply to yourself? Popcorn them onto the page. Circle the one you wouldn’t give up.

Prompt #11:

What drives you crazy in your industry or profession? Think of the labels you might use – author, coach, energy worker, activist. What drives you nuts and how would you do it differently?

Prompt #12:

Notice the different groups of people that you’re connected to. With whom do you relax and easily and effortlessly shine? What Tribe elicits your brilliance? What kind of people energize you?

Prompt #13:

What leaders, teachers, change agents inspire you? Why? Who do you become when you are inspired by their Essence?