• Bonuses
  • Bonuses

    BONUS #1: Create Your Magic Giveaway

    You know you need to develop a ‘know, like and trust’ relationship with your Tribe. How do you inspire someone to get on your list? Create a valuable giveaway that addresses a top burning desire or challenge for your target market.

    My friend Cindy Schulson has offered this paid product as a bonus for this program. If this is one of the pieces you’re struggling with, here’s how you can get started:

    • How to choose the best topic for your giveaway
    • How to test your topic so you know its a good one before you start creating your giveaway
    • How to choose the best format for your giveaway
    • Shortcuts for creating your giveaway that leverage your time and knowledge
    • How to create a great title for your giveaway
    • What to include in your giveaway so you build your brand and reputation
    • What not to include so you don’t give away everything for free
    • How to use your giveaway to earn multiple sources of income
    • Creative ways to market your giveaway that most people overlook

    If you don’t have a valuable giveaway, to attract your Tribe, you cannot build your list or your business.

    BONUS #2: Juicy JV Template Kit

    Templates and worksheets to get you Juicy JV Ready! Create your Juicy JV Profile so that you’re ready to partner at a moment’s notice. Craft your Bonus Gift, you can’t build your list if you don’t have one. Use the Juicy JV Worksheet to help you identify your own Juicy JV’s. Navigate your JV conversation with the JV Chat Checklist. Ensure that you cover the 5 Elements of your JV Agreement. It’s all in here!

    Download the Juicy JV Template Kit.