You can’t get your message out into the world, and align with your ‘perfect clients’, if you don’t have a way for people to experience your expertise. A Juicy Bonus Gift is your JV Calling Card. It’s required for almost every joint venture – whether they’re Giveaways, Expert Interviews or Telesummits.

Your Juicy Bonus Gift should give your potential clients an experience of your expertise and plenty of opportunities to engage your content. It positions you in an ongoing relationship where you can share your expertise and create a connection that builds trust and extraordinary value.

Plus… you’ll get templates of ALL the essential marketing copy you’ll need!

  • Juicy Bonus Gift Worksheet. The 4 elements that must be included on your Opt in Page to attract your perfect participants.  All additional copy is created from this worksheet.
  • Juicy Bonus Gift Squeeze Page. There’s a specific format to creating a Squeeze Page that converts visitors to subscribers. I’ll share the 4 essential elements for winning squeeze pages.
  • Juicy Bonus Gift Web Page Confirmation. Make sure to include language around double-opt confirmation, or white listing your email address. (template)
  • Juicy Bonus Gift  Welcome Email. Ensure that the welcome email includes topic title and description, bulleted benefits and dial-in information. Also encourage subscribers to submit questions on the topic right away. (template)
  • Create a Promo Page for your Juicy Bonus Gift:  There’s nothing like having ALL the promotional copy your JV Partner will need hosted on your website. I’ll share with you my promo page where I include: (1) the Juicy Bonus Gift Title & Description, (2) Speaker Bio, (3) Bonus Value & Registration Link, and (4) Social Media Posts. (template).