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How to Grow Your List FAST and Generate Abundant INCOME with Expert Interviews!
Get Plug and Play Templates That Help You Identify and Connect with Profitable Partners

From: Adela M. Rubio

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur™,

The major roadblock that you’ll face online, as a Conscious Entrepreneur, is finding ideal clients that are eager to buy your programs and services. You may invest loads of time in creating valuable content and sharing it through article marketing, blogging, and social media strategies, but it could take you a really long time to build a list of avid fans large enough to generate the kind of consistent cash flow that is the earmark of a profitable business.

I know because that’s what I did for the first 5 years of my business. I managed to generate income but it was stop and go, up and down, and no matter how much content I generated and how many teleclasses I held I still hovered at a mailing list of about 200 subscribers… and that’s exactly what happened with my income too, it hovered!

That ALL changed once I started hosting Expert Interviews. My list went from 200 to it’s current size of 17,000 and also generated over $80,000 in income.

If you’re struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach to connect with your potential clients this Listbuilding with Expert Interviews is a strategy that works … but you have to know HOW to do it!

Top 7 Reasons that List Building Grows Your Business

Quantum List Building Strategy. Easily add 100’s and even 1,000’s of subscribers to your list.
Generate Income. Earn between hundreds to thousands of dollars from a SINGLE Expert Interview
Elevate Your Expert Status and Know How. It’s not only by association with other experts that you rise in everyone’s esteem. It’s because you get to learn so much from people who are experts in their fields.
Create an Ongoing Relationship with Your Tribe. Your tribe will love you for covering topics that are important to them and introducing them to trusted experts. Your Expert Partners will love you because they get to be featured by someone who sees their brilliance and they get to speak to a whole new tribe!
Build Your Strategic Partner Network. There is nothing that a savvy conscious entrepreneur loves more than a partner who is joint venture ready. Not only will you be invited to joint venture with them but you’ll also build friendships that go way beyond business.
Identify the Urgent Problems and Solutions Needed by Your Tribe. This is the best marketing research on the planet. You get to test topics and content and you get to hear your tribes most urgent needs through the interactive format of the Interview.
Increased Confidence and Clarity About Your Expertise. This is another paradox: your brilliance is almost always missed by YOU! It’s so ‘tip of your nose’ close that you don’t SEE it, because it’s who you are. You often overlook it, because you don’t see it as special or extraordinary. Others, can better reflect your mastery. Your tribe will eagerly share what’s great about you. That in turn creates crystal clear confidence in your value and what you offer that’s brilliant.

Listbuilding with Expert Interviews is a strategy that works like gangbusters to grow your list and generate income. But first let me share with you the BIGGEST problem that budding entrepreneurs face in launching a passionate business that changes lives AND creates a profitable income…

5- Step System to Go From Idea to Income

As a highly aware and conscious entrepreneur, I know that you care about your contribution. You are called to your message, like a moth to a flame, compelled to bring your inspired vision to life. It’s this leap, from idea to implementation to income, which can be most challenging. It’s also what differentiates those who create a powerful and profitable platform and those who continue to struggle in their business.

Here’s where the paradox of taking action on your vision visits your doorstep: Your business gets clarified and defined the more action you take. Yet, you have to take action, and put out your programs and services, before your business is clearly defined. If you get stuck in the quicksand pit of perfection, you’ll never get your message out into the world and you won’t be able to create a business that nourishes your passion and creates an abundant income.

It’s in taking action with the message, programs and services that you have right now that you come to know what your tribe wants and needs and is ready to buy. You cannot clarify your message and your market in a vacuum. You MUST take action. This is the tightrope walk of a visionary entrepreneur. And make no mistake, if you are bringing a business that changes lives into being you are a visionary.

Using my Five Step System you’ll easily connect with the partners that will be the most powerful and the most profitable:

1. Clarify Your Winning Platform

2. Craft Your Joint Venture Agreement

3, Identify Potential Partners

4. Vet Potential Partners

5. Contact Potential Partners and Seal the Deal!

Dirty Little Secrets No One Tells You About Telesummits

Every day I am sure that you receive an email or a Facebook wall post on a new Telesummit. The truth is that Telesummits deliver great rewards but they are a LOT of work! I should know… I’ve hosted five telesummits with anywhere from 10 to 31 speakers! There are a lot of moving parts with this online model, though they may seem really simple on the surface.

So here are the TWO reasons you should NOT host a Telesummit … yet

Telesummits are an advanced strategy that require a steep learning curve and a good amount of support. If you do not have a virtual assistant and technical support it is a daunting adventure.
You don’t know enough about your market, or tribe, to know what topic they are eager and ready to engage in. You must have a compelling theme to your event in order to attract quality players and create a profitable joint venture for all players involved.

I know many people that have seen this model in use and have decided to go off and launch their own Telesummit only to lose money, or break even, and build a very small list. Trust me, with all the work that goes into hosting a Telesummit, you want a MUCH bigger return than that!

What if I could shorten that learning curve AND help you create similar results with an easier strategy…

Grow Your Profits and Your Platform

Let me share my strategy for leaping out into the marketplace, within a context that elicits your strengths, educates and entertains and provides value for ALL involved… Expert Interviews!

Plus you’ll be able to do this over and over and over to generate income and grow your list . . . just like I do! I generate thousands EVERY month from expert interviews. There are loads of folks doing expert interviews but few are monetizing them the way that I am. Wouldn’t you like to add an income stream to your business that is not only informative and fun but profitable?

How to Fast Track Your Learning Curve…

I’ve done over 100 joint ventures in the past year and a half and I have learned loads about how to build your list and generate income with Expert Interviews. In my two most recent expert interviews I grew my list by 600 subscribers and generated an easy $3,000. This is not a rare occurrence, but a regular and consistent revenue stream for my business. I regularly fill my programs and leverage the content that I create through my expert interviews.

Would you like to fast track your training on how to host Expert Interviews that help you build a powerful platform? What if you could learn everything you need to get started with expert interviews in TWO days . . .

That’s exactly what I’ve decided to do in the List Building with Expert Interviews Virtual Workshop. I’ll share the strategies on how to identify and invite expert players to share their expertise and help you grow your tribe and generate income…fast.

This ONE strategy will build your platform so that it’s easier to fill your programs and find eager buyers for your services. One of the main reasons beginning conscious entrepreneurs fail on the Internet is because your perfect clients cannot FIND you! This is a quantum strategy that will put you on the map and elevate your expert status and visibility instantly. Here’s what you’ll learn in the Two-Day Listbuilding with Expert Interviews Workshop:

Identify Partners who add value or address gaps in your message or magnetic offer.
Know how to contact partners and what to say so that they say, “YES!” to the interview.
Learn the 3 most effective sources on the Internet to find the most PROFITABLE partnerships.
My top two sources for GREAT JV partners where I NEVER get a No!
The ONE thing you must do to create connection and synergy to ensure an easy and fun interview with your expert.
Discover the 2 things you MUST do to position your interview for maximum income generation.

And . . . you’ll have my personalized coaching on how to identify and connect with potential experts for your Expert Interview! Check out the training schedule…

MODULE 1: Position Your Winning Platform. Show up clearly and confidently with your potential partners by positioning your experience in a way that builds credibility. This is key not only for your partner, but for YOU. Being in your powerful presence guarantees that your potential partner will GET the value that you offer.

MODULE 2: Craft Your Joint Venture Agreement. You need to have a game plan when you approach a potential joint venture partner and a specific offer. We’ll craft the specific elements you need to have in place to create a winning joint venture agreement that guarantees profits.

MODULE 3: Identify & Vet Joint Venture Partners. We’ll cover the best spots to find experts and how to determine which partners align best with your message and market to build your platform and your profits.

MODULE 4: The Art of Wooing Joint Venture Partners. The best ways to approach and land a one-to-one conversation with a potential JV Partner and the elements that MUST be included in the conversation in order for them to say YES!

MODULE 5: Marketing Your Expert Interview. Know how to create compelling copy that builds your list of eager participants and drive traffic to your opt-in page using social media and joint venture partnerships!

Get Your FREE Ticket to the 8-week Enlightened Listbuilding Training AND the Joint Venture Retreat in the Fall of 2011.

This won’t be a large conference with hundreds of people. This will be a small and intimate gathering where you’ll get to fine tune your message and dig into your joint venture skill set AND meet and get to know potential partners. And if you know anything about the Conscious Business Tribe that I play with you know that it’s chock full of juicy people!

If you know me you know that I’m all about authentic connection. This event is guaranteed to be sizzlin’ HOT!

Join the Enlightened Listbuilding Training … ONLY $997

Here’s what’s included:

Four Training Modules. Learn how to position your winning platform so that you can approach potential partners confidently. Craft your Joint Venture Agreement so that your partnership is in alignment. Identify & vet your Joint Venture Partners so that your position your partnership for maximum profitability and reach. Discover how to approach and connect with Joint Venture Partners so that they say, “YES!”
Two Coaching Sessions. Get into action and pop up on the bridgeline to get just in time coaching from Adela.
Bonus Q&A Sessions. Wrap up Q&A to cover any lingering questions, after you’ve taken action.
Expert Interview Checklist. What to look for when screening potential experts to determine which partners are the best fit for you and your tribe.
Easy to Follow Templates. Model what works! I’ll share the very same templates that I have created for my subscriber opt-in page, first contact email for speakers and phone conversation script.
Activation Groups on the Forum. In between calls work with a small group of focused entrepreneurs to give you feedback on your field work and sparkle up your ideas with the collective brain trust!
Pdf downloads for ALL the slides.
Mp3 downloads for ALL calls.

… or Easy Three-Pay of $347

If you’re ready to rock your biz, I’m ready to show you how.

Adela M. Rubio
Founder, Conscious Business Tribe

P.S. Grow your profits and your platform using Expert Interviews!


Bonus Strategy Session. FIRST 5 ONLY! Meet with me for a 20-minute strategy session to give you personalized recommendations on how to position yourself powerfully and how to create platform and generate profits right away! (Value $500)

Conscious Business Tribe 30-Day Membership. Join a community of highly aware, conscious entrepreneurs. Membership includes: monthly Training Call, monthly Coaching Spotlight, access to my library of Conscious Business Interviews plus access to an Online Forum for connection, collaboration and support. (Value $67)

12+ Ways to Leverage Your Expert Interview. Checklist that gives you plenty of ways to create additional streams of income, visibility, and expertise from ONE interview. In the online world it’s all about leveraging your expertise and content. These are specific strategies that will catapult your visibility. (Value $27)

6 Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Tribe for Partnership and Profits. Facebook is all the rave and for good reason. You can easily connect with clients, colleagues and collaborators just by sharing what you know and by creating value for others. Explore 38 ways to explosively expand your Facebook presence. Connect, contribute and collaborate to grow your business powerfully and profitably! (Value $47)

What Participants Had To Say…

The Listbuilding with Expert Interviews was excellent. Adela exudes passion for her subject, and is very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable. A great coach and trainer. She inspires trust. Colin Tipping,

After taking Adela’s Listbuilding with Expert Interviews virtual seminar, I feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and confident to conduct my next interview! I have a clearer understanding of how to encapsulate, leverage, and offer my interviews – invaluable. I walked away with over 30 tips, with examples, to guide me through Facebook. All in all, the day was an explosion of useful information. Adela has an astonishing skill set, which she shares readily and enthusiastically. Paula D’Andrea, Lifestyle & Fitness Expert

The Listbuilding with Expert Interviews was great. Believe it or not, you inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I’ve been resisting. Lots of gold nuggets: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all connections personal; lots of great resources; repurposing the interview. Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions.She is generous in delivering rich content. Always, stopping for questions and comments and giving directions to resources. Really great job. Also amazing is her stamina to deliver a full day webinar that works! Flo Mauri,

Adela, just a few words of appreciation for the amazing day on Monday. You were Delightful, open and sharing. I was expecting to have a format for doing the actual interviews with experts and instead, we were served up this delicious smorgasbord of detailed info for how to do all the behind the scenes preparation and ways we could repurpose. I appreciate all the how to’s that you provided and knowing that the information is available to go back over and review. Carol Fazakas

Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. I highly recommend learning from her and soaking in her teachings and energy. In today’s high speed, low touch, online environment, her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air. Loved your workshop and your energy. It was great to connect, learn and grow with like hearted peeps. Tal Shai,