Telesummit Success Secrets with Ellen Britt

That’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately, so I decided to get the goods from my friend and colleague, Ellen Britt of Marketing Qi. I mentored with Ellen to learn how to produce and host telesummits, and she’s hosted 12 events herself. There’s no one that knows more about free telesummits than Ellen.

Things have certainly changed in telesummit land, and what worked a few years ago won’t get you the same results. But you can STILL grow your list and create massive visibility! I just did a search on ‘telesumits’ on Google and there are 135,000 results. Not bad, that means folks are STILL hosting them. That would not be happening if they didn’t work. Though the free telesummit model has gone through it’s own saturation pains it is still a fabulous strategy to build your list and get massive online visibility.

Here are some Telesummit Tips to make yours a smashing success:

  1. Have a Professionally Designed Opt In Page. You can’t get by with a do-it-yourself page any more. Think of your Opt In page (where folks register for your call) as your ‘first impression.’ Be dressed for success: use colors, design and branding to let folks know you’re a professional. Hueina Su just hosted a telesummit, check out her page. It’s beautiful!
  2. Keep It Short. Less is more! Do 30 minutes interviews, with short speaker introductions and host the event over 5 days. Anything longer and you’re sure to experience some drop off. It’s much better to keep the energy up with a focused event, rather than drag it out over time. Leave your listeners wanting more!
  3. Give Your Listeners Great Content. Focus on giving them SO much good stuff that they’ll be impressed by the quality of your event. If your offer aligns with their needs it will lead to sales and they’ll come back for more.
  4. Hone Your Hosting Skills. Masterful telesummit hosts are intensely curious and are dedicated to providing the greatest value. Do your homework on your topic and your speakers and you’ll come across knowledgeable and engaged. There’s nothing that engenders trust more than someone who is confident and clear in their delivery.

One of the ‘telesummit after effects’ that Ellen and I explored was the impact on your expert status. We both get ongoing invitations to be speakers, virtually and in person, co-author books, guest blog on high traffic sites, and more. Massive visibility gives rise to massive opportunity.

Your business will shift once you’re in connection with your Tribe. No more chasing clients and stressing about how to fill your programs. You’ll have a built in community that is eager for your programs and services

Image: Old Bakelit Phone, Aussiegall