What If You Could Increase Your
Impact, Influence AND Income
with ONE List Building Strategy?

Are you ready to take advantage of the next virtual summit, giveaway, radio show or expert interview opportunity that comes your way… or are you still waiting to figure out how to break into the joint venture playground?

  • Do you want to partner with others but can’t quite figure out how to make it happen?
  • Are you ready to be seen and heard and connect with MORE of your ‘perfect clients?
  • Do you feel it’s time for you to step up and lead – and even become a circle of influence – around your message?
  • Do you long to share your message with more people, but are overwhelmed with all the marketing mumbo jumbo?

If you want to fast track your virtual tribe building, and serve more people,  joint ventures are an essential strategy.

Sharing your message online is the most effective way of reaching more people, in less time. But, you’ll need to have certain elements in place in order to partner with others. Let’s get started.

5 Building Blocks to Juicy Joint Ventures!

There’s nothing that a seasoned JV partner appreciates more than someone who has their message and marketing act together.

I’ve hosted and produced hundreds of joint ventures, let me share the 5 building blocks you need to have in place to partner:

~ Create Your Juicy JV Bonus Gift
~ Craft a Sizzling Squeeze Page
~ Drive Traffic to Your Page

~ Establish Your Email Marketing Follow Up
~ Set Up Your Affiliate Program

Don’t get caught up in perfection. It’s more important to get it done. Your marketing message and bonus gift will evolve as you and your business evolve. It will  happen a LOT quicker if you share your message with MORE people. Your ‘real world’ clients and customers will help you fine tune your message and marketing best.

Here are the next scheduled Get It Done Days…

Get It Done Day: JV Building Blocks
Fri, Oct 12, 10am – 5pm

SESSION 1. MAP OUT YOUR JUICY JV BONUS GIFT (10am ET). Let’s spruce up your giveaway and make it something spectacular. Increase the value of your offering by adding an audio from a popular teleclass, a HOT interview transcript, a time saving checklist, or a process map.

SESSION 2. CRAFT YOUR EXPERT BIO (12pm ET). You’ll want to make sure to position your experience and expertise for the topic of your bonus gift. Let’s add some passion and pizazz, authority and credibility, to your bio. You’ll also want to find a head shot that embodies your message and connects with your market.

SESSION 3. SQUEEZE PAGE REVIEW (2pm ET). Ensure that your squeeze page meets the 4 squeeze page criteria that so that your offer connects and converts with your prospective clients and customers.

SESSION 4. CREATE YOUR PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL (4pm ET). Tweak your Juicy JV Bonus Gift description and learn how to craft social media posts that generate clicks, conversions and conversations.

Get It Done Day: Partnership Models
Fri, Oct 26, 10am – 5pm

SESSION 1. POSITION YOUR AUTHENTIC MESSAGE (10am ET). Learn how to position your essence, expertise and excitement so that it serves your Tribe and aligns with a BIGGER Vision. It is this alignment around a BIG idea that will create the most powerful partnerships.

SESSION 2. YOUR JV OFFER: FEE OR FREE (12pm ET). Next, let’s get some ideas of how you’ll package your expertise: for free and for a fee. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve aligned your offer with the topic of your JV Event to reap the rewards.

SESSION 3. BE A JUICY JV  GUEST (2pm ET). There are lots of joint venture strategies, however, they all fall under two main categories: Guest or Host.  We’ll explore two simple JV Guest models to jumpstart your joint venture experience.

SESSION 4. BE A JUICY JV HOST (4pm ET). Hosting your own joint ventures reaps the greatest rewards, and it also takes more time, technology and resources. There are complex and simple models, which strategy is best for you depends on where you are in your business, the level of support you have in place, and what your goals are for the joint venture.

We’ll begin each session with an overview of the topic and then we’ll dive into feedback and support on your specific pages and gift. Then we’ll break to give you some time to ‘get it done.’ These all day intensives are a dynamic way to get into action.

Don’t put it off any longer! Get it done… plus meet other folks who are ON for Juicy JV’s! This community is full of extraordinary entrepreneurs. You’re sure to find some great JV partners here too.


I won’t kid you and tell you this is easy peasy. It takes an investment of your time and energy to put together your message and your marketing, just like any other aspect of your business. Wouldn’t you like to be supported in getting these essential building blocks in place right now?

That’s why I’m hosting these two all day ‘Get It Done’ intensives, and  you can get both ALL day intensives for only $297.  These ‘Get It Done’ Intensives are normally priced at $297 each, and the price goes back up soon.

So why would I offer it for such a steal of a deal? I want to build my Juicy JV Network, and I’d love to include you, if you’re ready. Imagine how much easier it will be to launch your programs, products and services when you have colleagues that are JV ready, just like you.

Yes! Give me access to BOTH Get It Done Intensives for ONLY $297!

Here’s what’s included…

  • 4 ‘Get It Done’ Sessions. We’ll meet at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm ET. Come to one, come to all. You choose.
  • Unlimited access to the online video trainings
  • MP3 downloads of the calls


BONUS #1: Build Your Tribe with Social Media

Are you ready to use the power of social media to grow our business? Uncover how to simplify four top social media sites and use them to grow your business, in five easy lessons. G et rid of old social networking habits that made it a chore — and learn new ones that will easily turn into enjoyable habits? ($97)

BONUS #2: LIVE Critiques of Squeeze Pages and Bonus Gifts.

Wouldn’t you love to run your Juicy Bonus Gift by Adela and get her help on fine tuning your juiciest offering. Adela will also give you feedback on your Squeeze Page and how to to make your offers irresistible. ($497)

BONUS #3: “Copy & Paste” Enlightened Listbuilding Template Kit!

You can’t buy this anywhere! It’s a collection of templates, worksheets, checklists, and other tools Adela has paid a fortune to put together for her business – and now you get it too! (Priceless)

How Do You Know If This ‘Get It Done’ Intensive Is For You?

Admittedly, joint ventures are an advanced strategy and are a perfect fit for your business if…

  • You have a ‘body of work’ and existing clients and customers.
  • You’ve already got a bonus gift that is generating some traffic.
  • You have the technical pieces in place and just need to tweak: squeeze page, email management and affiliate program.
  • You feel comfortable working on a WordPress platform.
  • You’re willing to dedicate a full day to massive action and get it done!

Register by Sunday, 9pm ET and you’ll get access to support from a seasoned JV producer and host for a fraction of what you’d pay in any coaching or mentorship programs, including my own.

Let’s get started …

If you’re struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach to connect with your potential clients, then Juicy Joint Ventures is sure to increase your online visibility so that you can connect with those you are here to serve. I’d love to partner with you to build your tribe AND your business!

“If it weren’t for Adela and her programs, I wouldn’t be ‘out there’ Rockn’ my message!  I’ve been able to increase my coaching profitability by 75% in 6 months. I’ve learned how to use social media, broadcast, JV, blog, make/present offers, and feel confident doing all of it. ”
Paula D'Andrea, www.pauladandrea.com
Why Train With Adela?

So… what positions me to be your guide on the Enlightened Listbuilding Adventure? I bring a unique skill set to support the Enlightened Entrepreneur. I am an Evolutionary Coach and an ex-Technology Administrator. I blend my intuitive,  technical and coaching skills so that we can bring your Visionary Business into being and make it a thriving, exciting and profitable adventure.

In the past three years I have grown my business through the massive visibility afforded by Virtual Events and Joint Ventures. Some of the best ones have been ‘INVITE ONLY JV’s.’ These only start happening as a result of endorsements of current JV partners to their circle of influence.

This IS the playground you want to be in to grow your business at lightning speed. Let me share some of my more recent JV’s:

  • Hosted and produced over 12 virtual events, with 150+ experts
  • Participated in over 20+ telesummits as a speaker
  • Two-time Amazon bestseller
  • Plus… Bonus Provider on multiple book launches, giveaways, and special projects (including internet magazines)

If you’d like to learn how you can increase your IMPACT and INCOME, let’s get started!

“Adela is a marvel and knows her stuff on the technology AND is very sensitive and intuitive about the process of growth. She is able to switch between the two with ease and grace. Adela is funny and light-hearted,  enjoying the play and process along the journey. I love the power of community and creative support Adela created.”
Gayle Hannon, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Whether you’re a coach, author or service professional, there’s nothing that will flip that abundance switch like moving from ‘going after clients’ to having clients clamoring for you… But, that doesn’t start to happen until you connect with your tribe, establish your expertise and turbo charge your reach! You CAN boos your business with joint ventures. Let’s get started!

Playing Powerfully,


P.S. Joint Ventures are a fast track strategy to build authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully, while serving your corner of the World. It is a strategy that works like gangbusters to skyrocket your impact and generate abundance!

More Rave Reviews From Adela’s Clients…

Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions. She is generous in delivering rich content: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all connections personal; repurposing the interview. She inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I’ve been resisting.”
Flo Mauri, www.ThinkWellConsulting.com
“Adela is an awesome facilitator. Just the right mix of support and push. I found that I needed both.”
Camara Randolph, Coach
“Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. In today’s high speed, low touch, online environment, her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air. Loved your workshop and your energy. It was great to connect, learn and grow with like hearted peeps.”
Tal Shai, www.BigDreamGuru.com