Go Viral with Video Checklist
Go Viral with Video Checklist

Video is a key element in sharing your message so you don’t want to leave this out of your marketing mix. Everyone is ‘used to’ video so it is a popular format to share content and start building a relationship with your subscribers and potential clients.

When you upload a video to the web you can hope and wish for it to go viral but chances are it’s going to need a boost to get the kind of visibility that will impact your traffic. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time or effort to promote your videos across the web and there are some things that you can do to easily increase views for your online videos.

  1. Optimize Your Metadata. Remember to optimize your tags, titles and text in order to boost your traffic. Make sure to include tags and keywords that your ideal clients will search for in order to discover your video. You don’t want to miss out on search engine optimization (SEO) so that Google can help your folks fine you.
  2. Share on Your Website. In today’s market, more and more consumers are interested in learning all they can about a product or service before they decide to make a purchase.  In addition, people love to watch online videos. Use that to your advantage. By posting a video (or multiple videos) on your website – you give the consumer an opportunity to get to know you and your brand in a format they are familiar with.
  3. Your Email Signature. This is precious email real estate and easy to implement. You don’t actually post the video itself in your email. You post a link to your video directly in your email signature – leading with a one-liner that is a bold statement or provocative question.
  4. Share on Your Social Networks. Share your video on your wall and invite friends to view, with a bold statement or compelling question.  Do not post the link to your friends walls, or tag your friends in your videos, that’s spam! Share subtly and your social networks can be a great way to spread the news about your videos.
  5. Share on Your Social Bookmarking Sites. Share your videos on any social bookmarking sites you are a member of as well, such as Stumble Upon or Digg. Ask your friends to share your video with their friends if they like it, and remember to reciprocate!
  6. Tap Into the Existing Community on Your Video Sites. When you look at your profile on YouTube or Vimeo or whichever online video site you are using, if you see that you’ve got zero friends or contacts then you are going about things in the wrong way. One of the best places to promote your videos is on the video sites themselves, through your fellow video creators. Take advantage of the social networking on video sites. Check out other online videos that you like and add the creators to your contacts. Comment on their posts, send them messages telling them you like their work and start building relationships. In no time, they’ll  start watching your videos as well, commenting, “liking” and sharing with their own friends. This can lead to a boost in your video views.
  7. Reach Out To Niche Communities and Bloggers. Here’s a fast track strategy to boost  views on your videos: reach out to niche communities and bloggers. Niche communities can be found on Facebook, Linked In, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, etc. Search for ones that cover the sorts of topics that you are making videos about, then  contact them and  let them know about your event. You might not hear back from them, but if you’re a great fit they might write about you and embed some of your videos on their blog. Remember to personalize the content, no one wants to be part of a mass mailing.

Only share your videos in relevant forums and communities that will benefit from viewing your content. Remember, that groups and communities have different rules about sharing links and videos, so check first to make sure that you are complying so that you’re not labeled a spammer.