Are You Ready to Turbo Boost
Your Reach with the Power of
Joint Ventures?

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If you are ready to share your message with MORE people and want to build your authority, increase your visibility and generate income… you’ll want to spend a few minutes checking out how I boosted my list from 200 to 17,000.

And, more importantly, how I generated a six-figure income in 12 months by working less and partnering more.

I know that sounds crazy, and I’ll share exactly how to work less and partner more in a minute. But first, I wanted you to check in right now on the challenges below. Have you experienced any of these lately . . .

  • Do you suffer from the Lone Ranger Syndrome in your business, thinking you have to make it ALL happen on your own?
  • Are you ready to be seen and heard and connect with MORE of your ‘perfect clients?
  • Do you feel it’s time for you to step up and lead – and even become a circle of influence – around your message?
  • Are you struggling in your business because your cash flow is up and down?
  • Do you long to share your message with more people, but are overwhelmed with all the marketing mumbo jumbo?
  • Are you eager for more clarity and confidence in your own signature process, program or product?

Only a little while ago, I stood exactly where you are, with the same challenges. Joint Ventures changed it ALL for me and my business, and it can do the same for you. Let me show you how.

Map Out Your Next Joint Venture!

Partnership is the currency of the new economy and the shortest path to sharing your message with more people, in less time.

The ‘Get It Done Day’ is your opportunity to explore four JV models and see which one is right for you. Pick one and explore the Process Map so that you can map out your next Juicy Joint Venture. Here’s how the day will look…

‘Get It Done Day’…
May 11th, 10am – 5pm

SESSION 1. POSITION YOUR AUTHENTIC MESSAGE (10am ET). Learn how to position your essence, expertise and excitement so that it serves your Tribe and aligns with a BIGGER Vision. It is this alignment around a BIG idea that will create the most powerful partnerships.

SESSION 2. YOUR JV OFFER: FEE OR FREE (12pm ET). Next, let’s get some ideas of how you’ll package your expertise: for free and for a fee. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve aligned your offer with the topic of your JV Event to reap the rewards.

SESSION 3. BE A JUICY JV HOST OR GUEST (2pm ET). There are lots of joint venture strategies, however, they all fall under two main categories: Guest or Host. There are complex and simple models, which strategy is best for you depends on where you are in your business, the level of support you have in place, and what your goals are for the joint venture. We’ll explore four JV models and which JV goals position you for maximum impact and income.

SESSION 4. CRAFT YOUR 90-DAY JUICY JV ACTION MAP (4pm ET). Walk away from the day with your own action map. Clarify the topics and tribes you’ll partner with and which specific Juicy JV Partners you are ready to connect with!

We’ll begin each session with an overview of the topic and then we’ll dive into feedback and support on your JV project. These all day intensives are a dynamic way to get into action. Don’t put it off any longer! Get it done… plus meet other folks who are ON for Juicy JV’s! This community is full of extraordinary entrepreneurs. You’re sure to find some great JV partners here too.

Let’s get started …

YES, I’m Ready to Grow My Business
Juicy JV Jumpstart!

ONLY $297

Your Business Would Soar…
If Only You Didn’t Hold Back and Hide Out

Are YOU making any of these mistakes in your business? I know I did!

  • Your Message Is Bland, Boring and Safe.
  • You Don’t Have a Big Enough Reach.
  • You’re Not in Connection With Your Tribe.
  • You’re Not Making Offers on a Regular Basis.

Here’s the thing, in a conscious business there is NO place to hide. So if you still struggle with the boo-boo’s above, it just means you need to serve more people! Then you can fine tune your business message and clearly identify your Tribe.

Business is about providing a service, or a product, that solves a problem brilliantly. It’s about people, the problems they have and the solutions you deliver. When you’re starting out you need to be ‘in it to win it,” like Randy Jackson, from American Idol says.

You just need to teach more, coach more, write more, speak more… To market like a conscious entrepreneur, serve more people! It’s in taking massive action that the essence of your business will become clear and specific.

Increase Your Joint Ventures this Year to
Turbo Boost Your Reach and Income!
There is NO reason to grow your business on your own. The most successful people on the planet have partnered to share their message, whether it was a business, a cause or a movement. They did NOT do it alone!
Imagine what’s possible for you, YOUR message of change AND your business if you do TWO Juicy JV’s every month. You could …
  • Effortlessly focus your marketing efforts on promoting LIVE events & giving value to your tribe FIRST!
  • Dramatically increase the quantity (and the quality!) of your list of raving fans!
  • Boost your monthly income simply by promoting other experts & their products!
  • Increase your credibility, brand-awareness & overall reach with ease!
  • Uncover Profitable Partnerships and Relationships with other experts who seek YOU out for a change!
  • …and much, much more!

Whether you’re a coach, author or service professional, there’s nothing that will flip that abundance switch like moving from ‘going after clients’ to having clients clamoring for you… But, that doesn’t start to happen until you connect with your tribe, establish your expertise and turbo charge your reach! You CAN turbo charge your business in the next few months.

If you’re struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach to connect with your potential clients, then Juicy Joint Ventures is sure to increase your online visibility so that you can connect with those you are here to serve. I’d love to partner with you to build your tribe AND your business!

Why Train With Adela?

So… what positions me to be your guide on the Juicy JV Adventure?

In the past three years I have grown my business through the massive visibility afforded by Joint Ventures.

Some of the best ones have been ‘INVITE ONLY JV’s.’ These only start happening as a result of endorsements of current JV partners to their circle of influence.

This IS the playground you want to be in to grow your business at lightning speed. Let me share some of my more recent JV’s:

  • Hosted over 12 multi-speaker, multi-day online events
  • Participated in over 20+ telesummits as a speaker
  • Been a guest on over 24+ radio shows
  • Hosted on 15+ online communities as an expert speaker
  • Partnered on an Amazon bestseller and participating in two more book projects
  • Bonus Provider on multiple book launches, giveaways, and special projects
  • Regular contributor to two internet magazines
  • And… I’ve hosted more than 100+ expert interviews myself

I do joint ventures in my sleep. If you’d like to learn how you can do it too, join the Juicy JV Jumpstart! This is a down and dirty training. I’m a hands on coach and mentor. We will get you into high gear.

Want to Get Started With Your Own Juicy Joint Ventures?

This 12-lesson video training, along with workbook, will get you into action so that you can map out and implement your own Juicy Joint Ventures. Grow your business with the power of joint ventures and share your message with more people in less time.


What IS a Juicy JV? It’s one where your partner, not only has all their technology in place, but is social media savvy and a blast to do business with. You are such a great fit that a JV feels like fun, not a business partnership. You have such great results from the partnership, personally and professionally, that you continue to partner and support one another on an ongoing basis. Wouldn’t you rather be a Juicy JV?

  • The 10 Distinctions of a Juicy Joint Venture. Explore the ten distinctions that set apart a juicy joint venture from your run of the mill ‘let’s grow your list as fast as possible’ approach. Use these distinctions to fine tune your discernment and KNOW which partners are in it for the long haul.
  • 4 Essential Elements to Be a Juicy JV Guest. Being a guest is a breeze, once you have these 4 essential elements in place. You’ll be ready to partner again and again and again. Once you’ve been a fabulous guest word gets around and you’ll be invited to more speaking events than you can say “Yes!” to.
  • 5 Things You Must Have in Place Before You Host Juicy JV’s. If you’re a hosting a joint venture then often a little more weight falls on your shoulders. Depending on the JV Partnership, the host might be doing the bulk of the promotion. There are some extra things you need to have in place when you’re running the show. This can be highly profitable and boost your list growth big time.


There are lots of joint venture strategies, however, they all fall under two main categories: either you are a Guest or a Host. There are complex and simple models, which strategy is best for you depends depends on where you are in your business and what your goals are for the joint venture.

  • 2 Joint Venture Models for Guests. These two models are the quickest way to get you partnering with others. Join a party that’s already in progress, you don’t have to create the technical or support infrastructure, you just show up and play!
  • 2 Joint Venture Models for Hosts. Hosting joint ventures is a more advanced, though highly profitable strategy. It’s what positions you for massive visibility, list building and profits. However, there are a lot more moving pieces. I”ll share the two models that I’ve used the MOST! Which one is for you depends on what you already have in place and whether you have the resources to get up to speed quickly.


When you partner with others you have two kinds of offers you can make: a free offer and a paid offer. You’ll want to make sure you align your office with the topic of your Juicy JV.

  • Your Free Offer. You’ll often have the opportunity to contribute a Bonus Gift in your Juicy JV’s. You’ll want to ensure that your bonus gift includes content that (1) captures your Authentic Message (the specific Tribe you serve and what problems you solve for them); (2) embodies your Essence and the way you deliver your solution; and (3) shares it in multiple experiential platforms, such as blog posts, video, and audio.
  • Your Fee Offer. If you’re partnering with others and planning on promoting your programs, products or services, make sure to align your offer with the topic, or theme, of the joint venture.


You don’t want to partner with just anyone. Yes, you can grow your list and you can generate income… but don’t you want to connect with those FABulous partners that are partnership savvy and are easy to play with?

You’ll learn how to research and identify which Experts are a great fit for you and your community.

  • 6 Juicy JV Criteria. The litmus test for Juicy JV Partnerships. Ensure that your partners, and YOU, meet these six criteria and odds are that your partnership will not only be profitable, but long term too. Plus… you’ll have a blast working together.
  • The TOP 4 Power Spots to Find Juicy JV’s. I’ve got seven ways I’ve found joint venture partners, but these 4 are where I’ve found the BEST ones. The ones I’m STILL playing using. Don’t spin your wheels on other strategies, use the ones that work!
  • 4 Invitations That Will Get a “YES! I WANT TO JV” Every Time. The 4 different kinds of partner invites and the best way to land a one-on-one conversation that will turn into a juicy partnership.


The best ways to approach and land a one-to-one conversation with a potential JV Partner and the elements that MUST be included in the conversation in order for them to say YES! Plus… we’ll cover in explicit detail how to craft your winning joint venture agreement: Generate income authentically and with utmost integrity.

  • 3 Things You Must Be Clear On BEFORE Your JV Conversation. Ensure that you are clear on these three elements and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. You won’t want to leave out even ONE of these!
  • 3 Ways to Create Rapport Easily and Naturally. Connect and create report using these simple warm up strategies. Don’t go into a conversation cold, make sure that you’ve laid the groundwork for easy and natural connection.

Ready to dive in and make 2012
the year of Joint Ventures and Massive Visibility?

Here’s what you get . . .

YES, I’m Ready to Grow My Business
Juicy JV Jumpstart!

ONLY $297

Juicy JV Bonuses

Bonus #1: Create Your Magic Giveaway

You know you need to develop a ‘know, like and trust’ relationship with your Tribe. How do you inspire someone to get on your list? Create a valuable giveaway that addresses a top burning desire or challenge for your target market.

My friend Cindy Schulson has offer this paid product as a bonus for this program. If this is one of the pieces you’re struggling with, here’s how you can get started:

  • How to choose the best topic for your giveaway
  • How to test your topic so you know its a good one before you start creating your giveaway
  • How to create a great title for your giveaway
  • What to include in your giveaway so you build your brand and reputation
  • How to use your giveaway to earn multiple sources of income

If you don’t have a valuable giveaway, to attract your Tribe, you cannot build your list or your business.

Bonus #2: Juicy JV Template Kit

Templates and worksheets to get you Juicy JV Ready! Create your Juicy JV Profile so that you’re ready to partner at a moment’s notice. 30 Minutes to a Simple Bonus Gift, your Bonus Gift is one of the key building blocks to grow your list. Use the Juicy JV Worksheet to help you identify your own Juicy JV’s. Navigate your JV conversation with the JV Chat Checklist. Ensure that you cover the 5 Elements of your JV Agreement. It’s all in here!

Bonus #3: Guest Faculty Interviews

Learn from the experts and implement strategies and tactics that will increase your visibility, generate income and position you as a Niche Authority.

  • Affiliate Marketing for Mindful Entrepreneurs, Chris Cade
  • Rock Your Expert Interview, Ellen Britt
  • Telesummit Success Secrets, Ellen Britt
  • Profitable Essence, Nancy Marmolejo

Your investment in the Juicy JV Jumpstart Program can easily be recouped with ONE Joint Venture. Put your hand up for leading the movement that you’re passionate about and serving more people through the power of community and conversation!

This is perfect for you whether you have existing elements in place, or if you’re just starting to put this all together. I’ve been doing online marketing for 7 years , the last 3 I’ve been uber-successful. That’s cause I finally figured out the secret sauce…. capturing the essence of YOU and your brilliance in the world with a NEED that your Tribe must fill right now.

P.S. Joint Ventures are a fast track strategy to build authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully, while serving your corner of the World. It is a strategy that works like gangbusters to turbo-charge your impact and generate abundance!

Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions. She is generous in delivering rich content: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all connections personal; repurposing the interview. She inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I’ve been resisting.”
Flo Mauri,
“I feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and confident to conduct my next interview! I have a clearer understanding of how to encapsulate, leverage, and offer my interviews. I walked away with over 30 tips, with examples, to guide me through Facebook. Adela has an astonishing skill set, which she shares readily & enthusiastically.”
Paula D'Andrea,
“Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. In today’s high speed, low touch, online environment, her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air. Loved your workshop and your energy. It was great to connect, learn and grow with like hearted peeps.”
Tal Shai,