Juicy JV
Juicy JV

stock-photo-3017669-ideastarAre you still struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach?

Partnership is the shortest path to sharing your message with more people, in less time. It will take you months, maybe even years, to create the massive visibility that one Juicy Joint Venture delivers.

The quickest way to create massive impact is to partner with others who reach the same market, or Tribe.

  •    Are you watching your friends and colleagues receive invitations to virtual speaking events while you’re still waiting to ‘get it all together?’
  •    Do you have a juicy giveaway that regularly helps to build your mailing list?
  •    Are clients seeking you out, instead of you scrambling after them?

If you’ve been doing your work for a while and not getting the results you know are possible, you’ll want to implement joint ventures in your business building strategies right away. There is no better model to grow your business than to partner with others who serve the same Tribe.

The Juicy JV program is a 12-module online video training that will guide you step by step on how to determine which joint venture models are perfect for you and your business right now. It also includes a one day virtual training with personal mentoring by Adela.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Juicy JV program…

0. Are You JV Ready?. Let’s determine if you have all the elements in place you’ll need to participate in joint ventures. There are some practical, and technical elements, plus there’s the inner game of joint ventures… the internal dialogue that keeps you from stepping out and partnering up with other influencers.

01: What Is A Juicy JV?  This isn’t a run of the mill ‘let’s grow your list as fast as you can’ partnership. It’s also not a one night stand. Discover how to connect with joint venture partners so that they become your strategic business partners.

02. Be a Juicy JV Guest. Get these 5 essential elements in place and you’ll be ready to partner again and again and again. Once you’ve been a fabulous guest word gets around and you’ll be invited to more speaking events than you can say “Yes!” to.

03. Be a Juicy JV Host. This is the strategy that will build your list the fastest. Though it requires a couple of more technical elements, and elbow grease, it can be highly profitable and boost your list growth big time.

04. JV Guest Events. Explore 3 models to quickly partner with others. Join a party that’s already in progress, you don’t have to create the technical or support infrastructure, you just show up and play!

05. Be a JV Host.  Hosting joint ventures is a more advanced, though highly profitable strategy. It’s what positions you for massive visibility, list building and profits. However, there are a lot more moving pieces. We’ll cover from simple to complex. Which one is for you depends on what you already have in place and whether you have the resources to get up to speed quickly.

06. Your Fee JV Offer. If you’re partnering with others and planning on promoting your programs, products or services, make sure to align your offer with the topic, or theme, of the joint venture.

07. Your Free JV Offer. You’ll often have the opportunity to contribute a Bonus Gift in your juicy joint ventures. This is different than your usual giveaway, it’s a little something extra. You’ll want to ensure that your bonus gift includes these 3 elements in order to truly connect and engage with your ‘perfect clients and customers.’

08. Juicy JV Criteria. The 6 criteria that are the litmus test for Juicy JV Partnerships. Ensure that your partners, and YOU, meet these six criteria and odds are that your partnership will not only be profitable, but long term too. Plus… you’ll have a blast working together.

09. Where to Find Juicy JVs. Finding great partners is easier than you think. I’ll share the top 4 spots I always use. Don’t spin your wheels on other strategies, use the ones that work!

10. Five Ways to Get a “Yes!”. The 5 different kinds of partner invites and the best way to land a one-on-one conversation that will turn into a juicy partnership.

11. How to Prepare for Your JV Chat. This is the secret sauce to a fabulous JV partnership. It ALL happens in this conversation. Ensure that you are clear on these 3 JV Chat elements before you connect with your potential partner and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. You won’t want to leave out even ONE of these!

12. How to Have a Great JV Chat. Connect and create report using these simple warm up strategies. Don’t go into a conversation cold, make sure that you’ve laid the groundwork for easy and natural rapport so that you can tap into the potential and power of this partnership

Your business will grow at lightning speed with joint ventures. Take advantage of the opportunities to partner with other conscious entrepreneurs on a regular basis. It will grow your business, and theirs, and create added value for your community.

Get JV Ready and you’ll boost your impact and your income in weeks, instead of years. Ready to get started? Join us now!