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0. Juicy JV Intensive Welcome

Welcome to the Juicy JV Intensive Training. You made a terrific decision and a bold commitment to invest in yourself. I am thrilled to partner with you on building your list, sharing your message with more people, and helping you generate income right away with the power of juicy joint ventures!

This is a 12-week online training course. It is designed to de-mystify the elements of juicy joint ventures in 12 weekly lessons. We will cover the groundwork for how to find and nurture Juicy JV’s, as well as the different models and which ones are right for you… right now!

You’ll also have access to a one-on-one session with me (this is a limited time bonus) and an all day virtual training. You’ll receive separate emails with details on both. You can check out your additional bonuses under the Tech Tips and Experts tabs above.

Next Juicy JV Intensive (Virtual Training Day)

Our next Juicy JV Intensive is scheduled for Thursday, Jun 27th. Session times are 10am, 1pm and 4pm ET and each session is 90 minutes. Make sure to block out your schedule now. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get feedback on your next Juicy Joint Venture and get hands on support.

How To BEST Do The Training

Step 1. Take the ‘Are You Juicy JV Ready? assessment. Then get started with Lesson 1. This is a self paced course, take it at your own speed. But if you’re ready to zoom, you can fly thru the content, implement and tweak, and accelerate your progress.

And, since everyone is so busy – and many of my peeps have multiple interests and play in lots of different playgrounds – you’ll be prompted to follow through on the course, step-by-step. Every week you’ll be asked to check in on your progress and challenges. I’ll post my feedback and then you continue on the pathway.

Step 2. Set your intention for this program. What would you like to accomplish in the next 12 weeks? Imagine yourself as having already arrived. What does that look and feel like? What’s changed? How have you changed? Once you’re saturated in your musing grab pen and paper and write out your Juicy JV Vision and your Intention. Notice what insights occur.

If you need help stirring up the Vision Quest here are a few things you might explore:

  1. When your JV Partners speak about you, what do they say?
  2. What opportunities are coming your way?
  3. Who are you partnering with?
  4. How has your business changed?
  5. How has your life changed?
  6. What qualities are more present in your world?
  7. How has your awareness shifted? What’s ‘new’?

Step 3. Share your vision and intention below! A shared vision is powerful medicine and you’ll come away ‘more than’ you can imagine.

Step 4. Download the resources below. Allow yourself to be guided as you engage with the content. Go at your own pace, see what it draws from you. How do you want to play?

Juicy JV Workbook It’s an old version, but you might find it useful. Update coming soon!

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Asking Questions, Leaving Comments & Making Suggestions

You can ask questions and leave comments on each and every lesson. Information does not create shifts, only experience does.

Here’s to sharing your message with more people, in less time.

Playing Powerfully,


PS Don’t forget to share your vision and intention below …

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