M1: Get Juicy JV Ready
03. Be a Juicy JV Host

If you’re a hosting a joint venture then often a little more weight falls on your shoulders. Depending on the JV Partnership, the host might be doing the bulk of the promotion. There are some extra things you need to have in place when you’re running the show. Though it requires a bit more elbow grease, it can be highly profitable and boost your list growth big time.

Action Step:

If you’re planning on hosting joint ventures you’ll need to put 5 additional elements in place. Assess where you are and what you need help with:

  1. Niched website and offers (free/fee).
  2. Paid bridgeline. I use Instant Teleseminar.
  3. Affiliate program. If you’re using WordPress my recommendation is WP Affiliate Program.
  4. Promotional Copy. You need a minimum of a solo email, newsletter notice and social media posts.
  5. Support. Hosting joint ventures requires a lot more resources. Depending on the reach of your joint venture, you’ll probably need administrative, technical and customer service support.

I’ve managed EVERY aspect of joint ventures from copywriting and customer service to the administrative and technical aspects. Any questions? Please post below.


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