M1: Get Juicy JV Ready
05. Be a JV Host

Hosting joint ventures is a more advanced, though highly profitable strategy. It’s what positions you for massive visibility, list building and profits. However, there are a lot more moving pieces.

We’ll cover from simple to complex. Which one is for you depends on what you already have in place and whether you have the resources to get up to speed quickly.

Action Step:

1. Determine which JV Host model is a good fit for you right now: (1) Guest Blog Tour, (2) Niched Giveaway, (3) Expert Interviews, (4) 30-Day Event, or (5) Telesummit.
2. Follow the process map for the model you chose and post any questions below. Let’s get you into action!


Lesson 5 Slideshow

30-Day Event (Process Map)