• JV Chat Checklist
  • JV Chat Checklist
    JV Chat Checklist

    This conversation, and how you navigate it, will make or break your potential partnership. A tremendous amount of synergy and connection can be created in this ONE conversation, and you can cover all the elements that will create a .profitable and professional partnership.

    You’ll want to first establish rapport with your potential Speaker/JV Partner, before you dive into ‘business.’ Make sure to connect personally. Keeping up with them on social media is a great way to pick up conversation starters. Make sure to share a bit about yourself too.

    Next, you’ll want to share the specifics of your Event. This is where you get to share your fire and passion for what you’re creating. Make sure to mention your working title, the targeted tribe and possible collective reach of all your speakers. Here’s where you can also share other speakers that have already signed on.

    This is a great place to gracefully navigate the list size question. Minimum recommended list size is 5,000+. That said, it’s more important that your speakers have an engaged following. Size is not the ONLY thing that matters.

    You can  touch on this topic by saying something like, “Would you mind sharing your list size? I’m looking to share the collective potential reach with all the speakers.”

    Here are 7 specific elements you want to make sure to cover:

    • Clarify your JV Partner’s Offer.  You may decide to have your Speaker/JV Partner make an offer at the end of their interview. It could be a program, product or service, just make sure that the topic and offer are in alignment. Cover average price points (i.e. $97 – $297).
    • Share Your JV Information. Share the price point for your product (audios & transcripts). The average price is $67-$97. Go over your affiliate payout policy (usually once the guarantee period has expired, about 30 days). The standard split for a telesummit product is 50%.
    • Invite to Share a VIP Bonus Gift. Give your JV Partners an opportunity to build their list with a VIP Bonus Gift. You’ll need a Bonus Title & Description, Image of Bonus, $ Value of Bonus, and link to opt-in page. You will create a separate VIP Bonus page for all your JV Partners, listing all of the bonuses. This should be juicy bonuses, not what is ordinarily available on their site. This isn’t mandatory, just a nice gesture for your speakers and a great bonus for your participants.
    • Schedule Your Interview. If you are pre-recording the interview, set the interview date. Put the event in your calendar while you’re on the phone! Also put the promotion/launch window in your calendar.
    • Go over the JV Partner Promo Commitment. The bare bones minimum is solo email. Social media is a plus. You’ll include other marketing copy – like a second solo email and a newsletter notice – they can use as much or as little as they like.
    • Share the Launch Window Dates. These are the 7-10 days before the event starts broadcasting. Make sure to share the specific dates. This is when they’ll need to send their solo email.
    • Determine Contact Follow Up. Will you follow up with your JV Partner, their JV Manager, or Virtual Assistant? Make sure to get name and email to follow up on administrative details.