Attention: Conscious Change Agents, Highly Aware Tribe Leaders, Coaches and Community Leaders

Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income: Bring Your BIG Vision Into Being with the Evolutionary Adventurers Mastermind

How You Can Share Your Message, Build Your Tribe AND Your List,
to Create the Change You Want to See In the World

It can be REALLY hard to grow your business all by yourself. In today’s world of instant information it can be incredibly confusing to know which business model to use and what marketing strategies are a good fit for you.

If you’re highly aware and intuitive, with a conscious and heart centered approach to your business, it can feel almost impossible to get the right kind of support.

Here’s the good news … you don’t have to do it alone! Partnership is the currency of the economy and I can guide you through the process of hosting your own Virtual Event to increase your impact and your income.

Transformative artists – change agents, visionaries, enlightened leaders – who are in the business of BEing and CREATing evolutionary shifts, are a unique breed of enlightened entrepreneur.

I know because I am just like you, and only a few years ago, struggled with these very same issues. It’s why I have created my programs and designed my business to support those who march to an inner syncopation and ache to embody the energy of a powerful possibility. One that not only serves you, but also serves Life!

You work differently and your business models and marketing strategies must reflect the Essence of your Authentic Message! I can help you to…

  • Grow Your Tribe, And Your List, Anywhere from 1,000-3,000+ subscribers
  • Share Your Authentic Message With the Tribe You Are Here to Serve
  • Boost Your Impact, Influence and Income… Authentically

This Evolutionary Adventurers Mastermind is a  9-month adventure to embody a BIGGER vision and take bold leaps in your business… and in your inner personal foundation. It’s also a deep dive into your Authentic Essence and the vision you yearn to bring into being. The world is ready and eager for your unique expression. Let’s spark your Trueness into being!

Ready to GET IT DONE?
Join the
Evolutionary Adventurers Mastermind

The mastermind officially beings in September and runs through June. Here’s what’s included:

  1. TWO 3-Day Retreats with Adela at a high-vibing location. (Value $6,000) Spend 3 FULL DAYS with EXCLUSIVE access to Adela and a small and intimate mastermind group where you will leave with your customized Enlightened Listbuilding Design Blueprint and a list of the exact support services and resources you need to implement. (1st retreat is scheduled for October, 2nd retreat for February). Currently considering a celebration retreat in June also.
  2. SIXTEEN Group Mastermind Calls. (Value $3,200) You’ll be part of a small EXCLUSIVE HIGH LEVEL Mastermind group. There are sixteen (16) group mastermind calls. We’ll meet twice a month, for 9 months, for 90-minute sessions, except for Retreat months when we’ll meet once a month. Benefit from consistent access to a group of highly creative achievers that will partner with you on YOUR success!
  3. SIX Private Sessions with Adela. (Value $4,200) Get the personal support and mentoring you need. PLUS the hands-on help with mastering the tactical, as well as technical issues, that hold people back! You’ll get six (6) private, one-on-one sessions with Adela to help you fine tune your goals and guide you in rapid implementation.
  4. Quarterly ‘GET IT DONE’ Days. (Value $1,200) All day sessions to ‘get you into action’ on listbuilding, relationship and visibility building. Here are some tentative topics: (1) Automate Your Marketing with Autoresponders, (2) Get Your Speaker Packet Ready, (3) Map Out Your Product Launch Marketing Materials and (4) Jumpstart Your Juicy JV’s with Giveaways, and (5) Boost Your Income with VIP Days.
  5. Feedback on your Web Pages and Marketing Materials. (Value $4,800) I’ll provide you with templates and guidelines to help you create your sales page, squeeze page, and promotional copy. Then, during our group or private calls, I’ll help you tweak it so it stands out!
  6. 9 Months of PERSONAL support on our Facebook Group. (Value $1,800) When a problem or important question arises between sessions and you need immediate input you can post to the group and expect a prompt response (usually within 24-48 hours).
  7. Online Library of Enlightened Entrepreneur trainings. (Value $2,000+) I have targeted trainings that will help you build your Tribe/List, authority and expert status AND generate income, among them: Enlightened Listbuilding (to host telesummits), Juicy JV Jumpstart (to learn how to do simple joint ventures), and Build Your Tribe in 30 Days (hosting 30-day events), which I’ll host in the Fall. I’ll also provide ‘as needed’ training and resources. That’s over
  8. Social Media Promotion Support. (Value Priceless) As a high level client I will promote you throughout our mentorship. I have a healthy and engaged social media collective reach of 20,000+.
  9. INNER CIRCLE  Resources. ($4,995) Marketing and Sales Templates, Checklists, Worksheets, Process Templates and Mindset Tools to support your business and personal evolution. Plus, where to find the most valuable and economic service providers.
  10. Video Library of DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) Trainings. (Value $1500). This will save you (or your virtual assistant) countless hours of precious time.
  11. Participate in a Joint Venture Project. (Value Priceless!) We will collaborate as a group to host an event and publish a Kindle book.

And, as an added bonus, you get to participate in ANY programs that I host during your mentorship at NO additional investment.

Why Mentor With Adela?

So… what positions me to be your guide on the Enlightened Listbuilding Adventure? I bring a unique skill set to support the Enlightened Entrepreneur.

I am an Evolutionary Coach and an ex-Technology Administrator. I blend my intuitive,  technical and coaching skills so that we can bring your Visionary Business into being and make it a thriving, exciting and profitable adventure.

In the past three years I have grown my business through the massive visibility afforded by Virtual Events and Joint Ventures. Some of the best ones have been ‘INVITE ONLY JV’s.’ These only start happening as a result of endorsements of current JV partners to their circle of influence.

This IS the playground you want to be in to grow your business at lightning speed. Let me share some of my more recent JV’s:

  • Hosted over 12 multi-speaker, multi-day online events
  • Participated in over 20+ telesummits as a speaker
  • Been a guest on over 24+ radio shows
  • Hosted on 15+ online communities as an expert speaker
  • Two-time Amazon bestseller
  • Bonus Provider on multiple book launches, giveaways, and special projects
  • Regular contributor to two internet magazines
  • And… I’ve hosted more than 150+ expert interviews

If you’d like to learn how you can increase your IMPACT and INCOME, and your Expert Status, join us! We will get you into high gear.

“Adela is an awesome facilitator. Just the right mix of support and push. I found that I needed both.”
Camara Randolph, Coach
Mentoring With Adela

Are you feeling the energy and excitement?! Are you ready to get your business into high gear? Say Yes to the Evolutionary Adventurers Mastermind!



Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • TWO 3-Day VIP Retreat to go in-depth into your business model and map out your income generating events for the year (Oct 2012 & Feb 2013)
  • 16 Group Mastermind Calls
  • 6 One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Quarterly ‘Get It Done’ Days
  • Joint Venture  + Kindle Book Project
  • Private Facebook Group for Feedback and Support
  • Social Media Promotion Support
  • Online Library of Enlightened Entrepreneur Trainings
  • Inner Circle Resources
  • DIY Video Training Library
  • Feedback on Web Copy (sales page, optin page, etc.)
  • Templates, Checklists, Worksheets and Resources to support your Business Evolution

1 payment  $5,000 ($400 savings), or
$997 Deposit + 8 payments

Put your hand up for leading the message you’re passionate about and serving more people through the power of a shared vision, an aligned community and partnerships! Take action right now to increase your business for 2012!

Playing Powerfully!

P.S. Masterminds are a time tested model to create massive change in your business. Let’s build your authority, increase your visibility and position your message powerfully, while serving your corner of the World.