Attention: Highly Aware Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors and Life Artists . . .

“How to Build Your Tribe (Not Just a Run of the Mill List) that Attracts Clients Like Crazy Who Clamor for Your Products & Services

From: Adela M. Rubio

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur™,

If you are a heart centered or highly sensitive entrepreneur (and I know you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this) creating a conscious business that elicits your essence and showcases your expertise WHILE making money meaningfully can seem like the impossible dream…

I assure you, my friend, it’s not! And how do I know? Because just three short years ago, I was in the very same spot. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

First, let me ask you this question…

Are you struggling with any (or all) of these four problems in your business:

  • You have trouble clearly articulating your message. You know your clients are better off working with you and you even have testimonials and repeat clients to prove it. However, you can’t seem to create a succinct message that your ideal clients can recognize as an urgent need.
  • You haven’t quite mastered how to translate social media into traffic to your site or buyers for your programs and services. You have very few followers and you don’t ‘get’ the whole social media euphoria.
  • Traditional marketing leaves you cold and you haven’t managed to build your list past a couple of hundred. You may have a newsletter but you don’t generate sales from it. You find salesletters pushy and have trouble with the ‘what do you charge’ conversation.
  • Try as you might, you just haven’t been able to generate consistent income from your services and often find yourself on the hamster wheel of scrambling to find your next clients or students to fill your programs…

there is a way to build connection and momentum online that’s tailor made for the way you do business AND creates an online tribe… instantly! I know, because…

I did it for myself. I’ve done four of these 30 day events and in my most recent one, I built a list of 1,500 subscribers for the program, created a product and my tribe asked me to create a membership program to continue the connection.

Provide Your Tribe a Way to Experience Your Information!

I know exactly where you are! It took me a bit to figure it out, but part of the problem is that you’re not tapping into your innate talent and natural strengths in delivering your message. You see most people try to build a list and then a relationship with your list. That’s really counter-intuitive for someone like you. Your gift is relationship, intuitive connection and deep listening. This program will position you to build relationships and have those relationships build your list for you.

Here’s the other thing that makes building an online tribe an essential MUST: access to information is not the problem nowadays, the Internet is a never ending reservoir of content. Most people that I talk to are overwhelmed with the amount of information and find it difficult to take action.

What’s missing is the connection, community and support required to implement just in time solutions. That’s where YOU come in. People are craving for leaders to give them an experience of their solutions, to guide them from where they are to where they want to be. Not only do they want to be guided through it by someone they know, like and trust, they also want to share their experiences in community they can relate to.

So here’s the deal . . . Give me five sessions and I’ll show you how to create a 30-day program to:

  • Attract the people that are ‘just for you’ so that you can deliver what they really need.
  • Package your event into a product and share it with as many people as possible.
  • Generate recurring revenue with your product.
  • The 3 most successful event types to host and which one is right for you
  • The five essential web elements you must have to position your event for success
  • Driving massive traffic to your event using social media and blogging
  • How to price and package your event so that it sells like hotcakes
  • My secret strategies to find ideal joint venture partners and have them say, “YES!”
Here’s what we’ll cover…

Intro: Are You a Tribe Builder? 6 Essential Elements to Build a Tribe, Not a List. Find out the top three list-building events and why a 30-Day event is an ideal model for Conscious Entrepreneurs. We’ll also explore the 6 essential elements that, when present, have the power to build a tribe in 30 days.

Module 1: Create Your 30-Day Experience. Is there a cause that you are so passionate and driven by that you have made it your ‘body of work?’ Can you whip up content on a dime or speak about it extemporaneously? Do you already have loads of articles, blog posts, handouts and resources on your topic that you could turn into an interactive experience? Let’s focus on (1) your tribe’s cravings, (2) your core message, and (3) how best to deliver a transformative event.

Module 2 – Package Your Expertise in Byte-Sized Bits. The intellect does not create transformation. Information won’t create shifts in your reality, either. Experience is king! Break down your ‘body of work’ into sound bites. Guide your tribe through an experience of it and they’ll ‘get it’ faster, easier
and more gracefully. I’ll also cover the 5 technology elements that must be in place to build your tribe.

Module 3 – Power Up Your Launch with Partnership. The way to grow your tribe at quantum speed is to partner, not only with joint venture partners or affiliates, but with your tribe members. One of the easiest ways to do this is to weave connection and community into your 30-day event. I’ll also share my 3-step strategy to finding and connecting with dynamic joint venture partners. We’ll cover specific social media strategies for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Module 4: Secrets to Staying Sane During 30 Days. Ok, a 30-day program is an intensive and may seem like a lot of work. But . . . it’s a powerful way to connect with your participants and tweak and refine the delivery of your body of work. There are some things that will make this adventure graceful. Let’s explore how to host a powerful online event AND navigate the day-to-day tasks and to do’s.

Module 5: 12+ Ways to Leverage Your 30-Day Event. Your 30-Day Tribe Building Event is done, now what? Easily repurpose your content, increase traffic and generate income with 12+ ways to leverage your 30-day event. Plus . . . 7 Sizzling Strategies to Create Ongoing Connection and Engagement with Your Tribe!

Build Your Online Tribe in Record Time!

The 30-Day Build Your Online Business Tribe™ is a five session, live teleclass training that will feature a step by step strategy to build your tribe AND create a product by hosting an online event.

The last 15 minutes of each call will be a Q&A to address your questions. This training will position you powerfully to host a profitable and meaningful tribe-building event!

So, here’s my offer . . .

Yes! Give me access to the Build Your Tribe in 30 Days™

  • Step-by-step template to launch your 30-day event
  • Q&A’s incorporated into each training to address your specific questions
  • Step-by-step technology template to set up your systems
  • Sample sales letters and autoresponder messages
  • Audio downloads included
  • Private Membership Forum to joint venture with your colleagues

Program Dates: Sep 14, Sep 16, Sep 20, Sep 22 and Sep 23, 4pm ET

$497 $297 for this BETA launch ONLY!

No risk guarantee: Not for you after first call? We’ll issue a full refund!


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