How to Share Your Message with More People ... in Less Time!

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Find out how joint ventures can power boost your reach AND your income so that you can impact more people right away!

If you are ready to share your message with MORE people and want to build your authority, increase your visibility and generate income… you’ll want to spend a few minutes checking out how I boosted my list from 200 to 17,000. And, more importantly, how I generated a 6-figure income in 12 months by working less and partnering more.

Take a moment, to see if you are struggling with ANY of the following  …

  • Do you suffer from the Lone Ranger Syndrome in your business, thinking you have to make it ALL happen on your own?
  • Do you feel like you DO business different than other folks and can’t quite resonate with ‘traditional marketing?’
  • Would you like to stop chasing after clients and attract FABulous clients that take action and GET results?!
  • Are you STILL  PERFECTING your marketing message, programs and services BUT you still want to generate INCOME?

These are not uncommon struggles but simply an indicator that you NEED to share your message with MORE people. You see the problem in most businesses is not the cash flow. Money, and your money issues, are NOT really the problem. I’ll explain in a bit, but first I wanted to to share with you how my business was doing before I distilled the 5-Step Enlightened Listbuilding process that turbo charged my income and my reach.

No Matter What… You’re It!

My family emigrated to the US when I was two years old and from the very beginning I knew I was different. While other girls my age played with dolls, I lay on my bed and traveled inwardly. I was considered ‘sensitive’ by my family and that somehow translated internally to ‘something’s wrong with me.’ No matter, there was a little voice alive and well, that said, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” And so, most of my life, my greatest openings occurred when I questioned the conflicting voices and explored the inner game of judgments, assumptions and resistance.

Questioning the assumptions created an interesting tapestry of experience. I was a single mom with two small children, managing technology for a New York City law firm AND co-owner of a World Gym franchise and still … the fire burned inside and the incessant peal of my inner voice spurred me to consider ‘my contribution.’ My pathway of personal development was littered with courses, trainings and even a summer Satsang with a Zen Master in India. At the end of the day, my ‘living the questions,’ as Rumi urges, landed me in the landscape of the Conscious Entrepreneur.

I became a Holistic Health Counselor, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2002. Here again I found a community of people that shared my passion for connection, health & vitality and an unprogrammed life. Though the school bills itself as a nutrition school, it is really a school for transformation. I made a BIG decision to sell my share of ownership in the World Gym that I co-owned with my brother and struck out on my own.

I remember the first time I discovered coaching. A friend recommended that I attend the Full Practice conference hosted by Coachville, and I was struck by the energy in the room as soon as I walked in! Here were hundreds of change agents who shared so many of my values and passions… a conscious conversation, personal responsibility, and power of choice. I became very active in the coaching community, eventually leading a wellness community at Coachville and becoming Coachville Director of Chapters and Study Groups.

I learned a LOT about partnering and leading communities at Coachville. However, I was still holding onto my lone ranger approach in my business. I found networking meetings painful and clammed up when I was around people that I didn’t know. This longing for connection and fear of partnering with others created lots of tension and stress in my business. After all, relationships are at the root of all great referrals and I just couldn’t seem to connect with the business community at hand.

I struggled with how to get the message out about my work. I hated marketing because I didn’t know how to articulate my message and so my business floundered as my cash flow went up and down, up and down. This tension around connection and partnering also created a GREAT opportunity. But before I dive into that I wanted to share some of the mistakes I made that short circuited my success. You might be making these mistakes too…

4 Mistakes That You’re Making as a Conscious Entrepreneur That Are Killing Your Success

If you’re anything like me, marketing might be one of the aspects of your business that creates a lot of angst. And yet, if you don’t market — let people know about your programs, products and services — you don’t have a business! Here’s why…

Marketing is learning, anticipating, listening, engaging, contributing, compelling, submersing, innovating, capturing, captivating, motivating, inspiring, responding, adapting, personifying, influencing, converting, conversing, differentiating, through various methods, vehicles and mediums. [Source Unknown, happy to credit]

Here are the three BIGGEST mistakes Conscious Entrepreneurs are making in their business:

  • Your message is bland and boring… and broad. There are loads of people teaching the same stuff you are (you can get hung up on that one too). Only YOU can serve the people that are ON for your message, so you best bring the party dress and the wand to the party. Enlightened Listbuilding focuses on creating a valuable experience. As you relax into who you are in the world and the message you’re passionate to share, your ‘small self’ fades into the background and your ‘brilliant being’ comes to life. It is something that can only be experienced, and Juicy Joint Ventures are a perfect vehicle to gain clarity and confidence about your work in the world and how to BEST articulate it.
  • You don’t have a big enough reach. You’ve heard it at almost every marketing training, “The money is in the list.” That’s not exactly true. If you treat your Tribe like a list, you won’t connect with them. If you don’t connect with your Tribe, they’ll never get to know you and how you can serve them. If you don’t get to serve your Tribe, you don’t get to create the change you want to see in the world. You can build your list in a way that’s… authentic, heart centered and profitable. You can get started right away on increasing your impact and your reach – and your list – by participating and hosting more Juicy Joint Ventures.
  • Not being in consistent connection with your Tribe. Unlike a storefront, where you need to show up every day and open the doors to serve your customers, an online business can lull you into complacency. It takes time — and letting others know about your products and services — to tweak your message and offers. Expert Interviews give you an opportunity to be in connection by providing valuable content for your community. You invest in your community first, by providing value, and when the offer is in alignment they will reciprocate by purchasing your joint venture partner’s programs and services… and even your own!
  • Not making offers regularly.  There’s nothing spiritual about struggling to meet your expenses. Just as you shower your clients and community with valuable content and experiences, Life wants to reciprocate with its abundance. You need to open to the flow, but first you have to put yourself out there. Joint Ventures takes off all of the initial pressure of making offers to your community. In most cases, your JV Partner actually makes the offer, no pressure. As you experience how Enlightened Entrepreneurs offer their work you ‘get it’ and can easily do the same for yourself.

Here’s the thing, in a conscious business there is NO place to hide. So if you still struggle with the boo-boo’s above, it just means you need to serve more people! Then you can fine tune your business message and clearly identify your Tribe. Business is about providing a service, or a product, that solves a problem brilliantly. It’s about people, the problems they have and the solutions you deliver. When you’re starting out you need to be ‘in it to win it,” like Randy Jackson, from American Idol says.

Being in business is about the consistent and regular practice of your work, in your chosen area of passion. You just need to teach more, coach more, write more, speak more… It’s mastery that folks will pay for and you need to earn the experience through ‘doing your work.’ Mastery is palpable and people will pay a LOT to work with someone who reeks of it!

To market like a conscious entrepreneur, serve more people! It’s in taking massive action that the essence of your business will become clear and specific.

When I Finally Figured It Out, My Inbox Was Flooded with Emails that Said “A New Order Was Placed”

Getting to the point in your business where you’re earning a substantial income can be a bit of a contradiction. The less money you make, the less confident you become. Once you start earning money, it creates an abundance of energy and your opportunities to share your message explode.

I learned about the powerful paradox of making money during my first Telesummit. It was unbelievable the shifts that occurred in my body when I started seeing all the messages from my Shopping Cart saying, “New Order was placed for Adela Rubio LLC.” I could not stop checking out my inbox and running daily reports to witness the avalanche of money finding its way to me. It was euphoric, it was exciting … it changed me at the cellular level.

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t focused on the cash. As a matter of fact I couldn’t believe HOW much money I made in seven days. (Psst! It was 5-figures.) It was more than I had made in the previous 6 months! But the key thing here is that I was focused on the VALUE I was providing my customers. I was motivated by the vision I had of businesses coming together, just like cells in the body partner. I was juiced up about the experts I had pulled together for my very first telesummit. I contacted 20 people for that first telesummit, and with no prior experience, 15 said YES! Clearly I was doing something right.

I got into MASSIVE action…

In my case, I went on to host five telesummits, and three 30-Day Virtual Events, in about eighteen months. These joint venture strategies were more advanced, but I was on fire with the passion for conscious partnership and how it could sky rocket your authority, your visibility and the ability to share your message with MORE people. The response was overwhelming, from my partners and the people who joined my community.

Over the next year, I cut back to two joint ventures per month. It was astonishing how I made more money by working LESS and partnering MORE. I had hit on a process that continued to build my tribe and my authority in my niche. I increased my visibility and I was able to share my message with more people.

The MASSIVE ACTION, in such a brief time frame, created momentum and mastery in a VERY specific process, Enlightened Listbuilding™ which has helped me generate a great income and created authentic connection with a tribe of collaborators and clients eager to help me share my message. Now THIS was marketing I could get behind 100%!

The skill of joint venture partnership is essential to grow your business sooner, rather than later. And, the Expert Interview is the simplest joint venture model there is. But… you have to know what you’re doing …

Why The Old Listbuilding Methods Don’t Work

Unfortunately, if Expert Interviews are done incorrectly, you can burn your bridges with your potential Joint Venture Partners. And, what’s more, you’ve actually cut off access to all the partners that one successful Joint Venture Partnership could have connected you to.

Here are some of the mistakes I’ve encountered, that will surely sink your chances for success in the Joint Venture playground:

  • You try to partner with a potential JV without earning the right to first. You have to invest the time to get to know your partner, who they serve and what they offer. Start off with a personal connection first. Sign up for their newsletter. Get to know them and how they market.
  • You approach your potential JV partner with a self serving agenda. Your initial contact should never be about you! Saying you want to connect with someone, but really wanting them to mail for your book launch or your upcoming program is a turnoff. Enlightened Listbuilding is about authentic connection. Seek to serve first!
  • You don’t know the difference between a strategic alliance, a joint venture partnership and an affiliate. There are distinctions to these three relationships and you have to be clear which one you’re inviting your potential JV Partner to.
  • Your initial contact contains TOO much information. The purpose of a message, or email, to your potential JV Partner is to schedule a conversation. That’s it! Don’t complicate it by giving them more until they’ve said, “Yes!”
  • Your interviews are flat, devoid of your passion and personality. This is a BIG one! The reason people will show up for your interviews is not only the expert and the topic, but it is about the experience that you provide. We all have too much INFORMATION. Experiences, not information, are what transform people.

There are plenty more don’ts, but these are enough to get you started on the road to Juicy Joint Ventures. This is why I have put together the exact roadmap I have used, tested and approved with over 100+ Joint Ventures.

3 Ways Enlightened Listbuilding™
Can Help You Grow Your Business

Here’s the thing, you could do like me and do the lone ranger thing for seven years, working alone, struggling alone, wondering alone, etc…. OR, you can partner with others and fine tune your message faster so that you can serve more people, in less time.

In my 100+ interviews, in the past 18 months here are three ways Expert Interviews helped me grow my business, and can help you too:

1. Enlightened Listbuilding™ Can Help You Build Your Tribe. Your Tribe is not only the people you serve, but also the people you partner with. Every Expert Interview can add hundreds of subscribers to your community. Many of the joint venture partners you interview will become strategic alliance partners who then help you promote your products, programs and services AND introduce you to their joint venture partners. It’s exponential growth and visibility for everyone!

2. Enlightened Listbuilding™ Can Help You Generate Income. You’re not really in business, if you’re not generating income on a regular basis. Expert Interviews can add a separate income stream to your business that will give you recurring and consistent revenue. Making money in your business makes it real, and has an effect on your money consciousness. One thing is earning a salary when you work for someone, it’s quite another thing to create money from your ideas and intentions. Making money solidifies your co-creative partnership with Life!

3. Enlightened Listbuilding™ Can Help You Hone in on Your Authentic Message. Because you are partnering with other Conscious Entrepreneurs, who also have a Tribe, you are reaching more people. In a very short time, you get very clear on who they are, what they need and how they like the solution delivered. Expert Interviews help you fine tune your expert solutions and provide you with a loyal and trusted community eager to be served by you.

As a result of doing Expert Interviews I have experienced SO many of the Enlightened Listbuilding™ after effects: invitations to co-author several books, becoming an Amazon Bestselling author, speaking at telesummits and live conferences, invitations to select masterminds, establishing strategic alliances with BIG players in the conscious entrepreneurs playground and co-hosting programs with some of my favorite colleagues. My business, and my world, underwent a quantum upgrade!

Is Enlightened Listbuilding™ a Good Fit For You?[

Though Expert Interviews are pretty popular, not everyone excels at creating an extraordinary experience. And make no mistake, experience sells, not information! Enlightened Listbuilding™ is a simple 5-step roadmap for creating and hosting powerful joint ventures that build authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully. Here are some of the common characteristics found in masterful Enlightened Listbuilding™ hosts:

  • An eagerness to lead a specific message of change.
  • A willingness to put aside your fears, take action and course correct along the way.
  • An innate and insatiable sense of curiosity and fascination with people. Whether your style is Colombo or Clouseau, you want to know, clarify and understand!
  • An ability to be fast on your feet and adapt quickly. Anything and everything can happen on an interview.
  • A love of learning! You are a life long learner, voracious reader and student of life.

Here are some of the strengths of someone uniquely engineered for Enlightened Listbuilding™:

Highly Aware, Deeply Intuitive, Highly Creative, Deliciously Curious, Love to Make a Difference,
Delights in Living Passionately, Strong Connective Nature, Loves to Celebrate

Enlightened Listbuilding is are a fabulous model for Conscious Entrepreneurs. They create a win-win-win situation for all involved. It affords your partner the opportunity to share their message with a new community. It creates a valuable experience for your participants and a medium for your brilliance, your natural gifts and talents, to shine.
Increase Your Joint Ventures this Year to
Turbo Boost Your Reach and Income!
There is NO reason to grow your business on your own. The most successful people on the planet have partnered to share their message, whether it was a business, a cause or a movement. They did NOT do it alone! Imagine what’s possible for you, YOUR message of change AND your business if you could host at least TWO Enlightened Listbuilding™ Expert Interviews every month. You could …
  • Effortlessly focus your marketing efforts on promoting LIVE events & giving value to your tribe FIRST!
  • Dramatically increase the quantity (and the quality!) of your list of dedicated followers!
  • Boost your monthly income simply by promoting other experts & their products!
  • Increase your credibility, brand-awareness & overall reach with ease!
  • Uncover Profitable Partnerships and Relationships with other experts who seek YOU out for a change!
  • …and much, much more!

Whether you’re a coach, author or service professional, there’s nothing that will flip that abundance switch like moving from ‘going after clients’ to having clients clamoring for you… But, that doesn’t start to happen until you connect with your tribe, establish your expertise and turbo charge your reach!You CAN turbo charge your business in the next 3 months.

If you’re struggling in your business because you don’t have a BIG enough reach to connect with your potential clients, then Enlightened Listbuilding™ is sure to increase your online visibility so that you can connect with those you are here to serve. I’d love to partner with you to build your tribe AND your business!

Here’s the thing… this training is NOT for everyone! It’s for action takers who are ready to implement the guidance of an expert mentor and dive into the power of partnership and community right away! If you are looking for more information, this is NOT the course for you. This program is ALL about bringing increased visibility to you, your message and your body of work. It’s OK to be a newbie, but only if you have technical and administrative support, as there will be LOTS to implement. Do it yourself types, like me, are also welcome. I have done EVERY aspect of this program… marketing, copywriting, affiliate manager, etc. If you want to get into action, I’ll show you how!

Why Train With Adela?

So… what positions me to be your guide on the Juicy JV Adventure?

In the past three years I have grown my business through the massive visibility afforded by Joint Ventures.

Some of the best ones have been ‘INVITE ONLY JV’s.’ These only start happening as a result of endorsements of current JV partners to their circle of influence.

This IS the playground you want to be in to grow your business at lightning speed. Let me share some of my more recent JV’s:

  • Hosted over 12 multi-speaker, multi-day online events
  • Participated in over 20+ telesummits as a speaker
  • Been a guest on over 24+ radio shows
  • Hosted on 15+ online communities as an expert speaker
  • Partnered on an Amazon bestseller and participating in two more book projects
  • Bonus Provider on multiple book launches, giveaways, and special projects
  • Regular contributor to two internet magazines
  • And… I’ve hosted more than 100+ expert interviews myself

I do joint ventures in my sleep. If you’d like to learn how you can do it too, join the Juicy JV Jumpstart! This is a down and dirty training. I’m a hands on coach and mentor. We will get you into high gear.


 Adela is an amazing coach/facilitator! She is the perfect combination of wise soul meets kick butt let’s get it done coach, with a huge heart, very patient, inspiring and encouraging mentor. She has a special way of really instilling the inner confidence in you to just get your work out there in a bigger way!

With Adela’s guidance, Enlightened Listbuilding has done more for expanding my reach and breaking through to success than any other program I’ve ever taken….and I’ve taken A LOT of programs. I now have all those missing pieces and am ready to launch my first telesummit in less than a few weeks! You rock! Thank you so much Adela!!!

Vanessa Simpkins, Full Power Growth
“Adela is a marvel. She knows her stuff on the technology AND is very sensitive and intuitive about the process of growth. She is able to switch between the two with ease and grace making room for all who enter here. Best of all she is funny and light-hearted enjoying the play and process along the journey. I love the power of community and creative support you created, Adela. Thank you with all my heart.”
Gayle Hannon, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
“Adela is an awesome facilitator. Just the right mix of support and push. I found that I needed both.”
Camara Randolph, Coach
Enlightened Listbuilding™ is a LIVE  Training & Coaching Program where I walk you step-by-step through the entire process of building your list by hosting experiential events, building your Tribe, attracting key experts, promoting your offers & cashing in on affiliate income – all focused on giving value first!


It’s always good to check in at the beginning of a journey and map out where you’re headed.

You’ll get the overview on all the elements of the Enlightened Listbuilding road map and how to best implement the program.

  • Review Enlightened Listbuilding Roadmap. We’ll cover the ‘road less traveled’ and clarify what you’d like to accomplish in the program.
  • How to Best ‘do’ the Course. The best way to move through the program, honoring your own learning style.
  • The Enlightened Listbuilding Giveaway: We’ll get you started on sharing your message using the power of Joint Ventures right away. By the end of this program you’ll be ready to participate and host listbuilding events that will boost your impact and your income
  • Mastering Your Inner Game. Whenever you set out to bring your Vision to life everything that is in the way of that vision shows up as an obstacle, or roadblock, not to stop you but to evolve you. Discover how to quickly and easily reorient around the inner game and soar into inspired action.

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There’s nothing more magnetic or attractive than to deliver your message in your own voice. We’ll explore the power of creating your own ‘lexicon’ for your message.

Plus… we’ll explore the environments, formats and strategies that ring true and create a powerful environment where your Authentic Voice naturally arises and your ‘perfect clients’ find YOU!

  • Claim Your Expert Authority. Expertise and experience, are what people are willing to pay for. If you’re not an authority yet, you need to become one, and it’s not as hard as you think.
  • Free Your Essence. Let’s dive into the deep playground of your alivening essence, get acquainted with your brilliance and bring it to Life!
  • Share Your Visionary Story! YOU are the leader of your own movement – that ONE thing that you are ready, willing and able to bring into being. In order to LEAD the change, you must BE the change. Let’s glean your own experiences, anecdotes and tales of how you’ve created this change in your own world.
  • What’s Your Visionary Leadership Style? We’ll explore the 4 primary styles and which one is most likely to elicit your passion and purpose, possibility and power.

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Giving potential customers and clients an opportunity to experience your expertise is a basic building block in your online business. This isn’t the giveaway that’s hosted on your site’s sidebar. This is a bonus gift that’s created especially for joint venture events. Whether it’s a book launch, a niche giveaway, or an expert interview, you’ll want to be ready to add to your Tribe of subscribers with this value added gift.

  • Four Ways to Identify Your Tribe’s Hot Themes: Interviews, Surveys, Q&A’s and Social Media. Don’t spin your wheels, zoom in on the urgent needs that your Tribe must resolve and you’ll serve them best.
  • How to Boost the Value of Your Bonus Gift to Make It Irresistible. Information is not enough in today’s highly competitive market. One of the ways you can differentiate – and make your Bonus Gift very magnetic – is to add an experiential portion. Let’s explore 3 ways you can create experiences, using your Bonus Gift.
  • Bonus Gift JV Template. Whenever you partner on a JV Event there are 5 elements you must provide your JV Partner so that they can share your Bonus Gift with their Tribe. We’ve got it covered for you!

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Whether you’re hosting an Expert Interview at your community, or a Guest Expert at a colleague’s community, the interview format is one of the most engaging platforms to share your message AND boost your impact and income. Learn how to create experiences that sell, so you don’t have to!

  • 4 Essential Elements that Create Experiences. Information is easily available on the Internet. What you want is to put your content into formats that easily create experiences for your subscribers. We’ll cover how to do that quickly and easily.
  • Pre-interview Checklist. Ensure that you have theses 3 elements covered before your call. Plus, the three things you must do before your interview goes live.
  • Interview Reminder Email Template. Send your JV Partner the call-in information and confirm the date and time of the interview.
  • Expert Interview Script. Follow this format for your interview and you’re guaranteed engagement not only from your Expert, but your listeners too!

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We’ll cover the best spots to find expert JV partners – -the ones that are a joy and pleasure to partner with – and how to determine which partners align best with your Tribe and the Hot Themes they need help with.

Here’s where you get to cash in on your collaborative skills. Identify colleagues, clients, mentors and other partners who are already gathering a Tribe very much like yours.

  • Juicy JV Partner Checklist. The litmus test for Juicy JV Partnerships. Ensure that your partners meet these six criteria and odds are that your partnership will not only be profitable, but long term too.
  • 4 Sure Fire Ways to Find Juicy JV’s. Explore the 4 different ways to connect with Experts and how to create a ‘real’ connection.’
  • How to Get a “YES” to your JV Chat Invite. The best ways to approach and land a one-to-one conversation with a potential JV Partner and the elements that MUST be included in the conversation in order for them to say YES!
  • 4 Partner Invite Templates. The 4 different kinds of partner invites and the best way to land a one-on-one conversation that will turn into a juicy partnership.

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The 5 elements that MUST be included in the conversation in order for potential Juicy JV’s to say YES! Ensure that you are clear on these before you make initial contact with your potential JV Partner.

Plus… we’ll cover in explicit detail how to craft your winning joint venture agreement. Generate income authentically and with utmost integrity.

  • Manage Your Mindset. Before you get on the call with your JV Partner you want to ensure that you’re aligned for partnership. Follow these 5 tips to prepare for your Joint Venture conversation and it’s sure to be a hit!
  • Five Elements of Your Joint Venture Conversation. Includes the five elements you need to cover with your potential Expert to ensure a Juicy JV. You won’t want to leave out even ONE of these!
  • Clarify Your JV Partner Agreement . There are 4 elements to cover in your agreement and 3 essential administrative tasks that will make or break your partnership.
  • JV Partner Agreement Email (template). An email, as follow-up to your call, setting out the terms of the Joint Venture Agreement.

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In order for you to build a Tribe and create the change you’d like to see in the the world you must drop your body of work from ‘information downloads’ into ‘experiences.

Big lofty content must be translated into experiences because information doesn’t create change, experience creates change. A 30-day Event helps you fine tune your message, builds credibility and boost your visibility.

  • 3 Steps to Creating 30 Day Events that Build Your List and Generate Income. You’ll learn the simple and straightforward 3 Steps that I’ve used to create and host EIGHT 30-day events.
  • 10 Minute Process to Map Out Your 30-Day Content Outline. It might seem like 30 days is a lot of time, but creating an outline for your event can be done rather quickly. I’ll share how I create mine at lightning speed.
  • Determine Your Delivery Platform. I’ll share the engaging model that I’ve used, but you can adapt the format to your signature strengths and visionary leadership style.

Hosting a 30-day event is the quickest way I’ve found to build a tribe that is eager to champion your message!

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This module is advanced and may not be for everyone, but if you’ve got the technology and administrative support in place it is the FASTEST way to add 1,000’s of subscribers to your list. Though Telesummits are no longer a ‘new’ listbuilding strategy – and some niche markets are pretty saturated with them – they still work.

  • The ‘Secret’ to a Successful Telesummit. TWO things you must have in place to ensure a successful Telesummit, and how to ensure that you’ve identified how to position these two elements for maximum results in your own events.
  • 10-Week Telesummit Timeline. Detailed task and process map for hosting a Telesummit Event.
  • Initial Email Template. Come across confident, and include the 3 essential elements that will have your potential JV Partner say, “Yes!” to your telesummit. This is slightly different for a Telesummit, than a Solo Expert Interview.

You also get all my process templates: from sequence mindmaps, which explain the order in which you have to complete all the tasks for these complex events, to telephone scripts and email templates and SO much more. (You may want to invite your virtual assistant to this session.)

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Get these Enlightened Listbuilding™ Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Enlightened Listbuilding Jumpstart.

Participate as a guest in the Enlightened Listbuilding Giveaway. There’s no better way to ‘learn’ how to build your list than to ‘do it!’ The Enlightened Listbuilding Giveaway will take place Aug 1 – Aug 14. You’ll be able to reach hundreds of new subscribers with just ONE JV Event. This is it! (Value $197)

BONUS #2: LIVE Critiques of Squeeze Pages and Bonus Gifts.

Wouldn’t you love to run your Juicy Bonus Gift by Adela and get her help on fine tuning your juiciest offering. Adela will also give you feedback on your Squeeze Pages and how to to make your offers irresistible. (Value $497)

BONUS #3: Be a Contributor in the 1st Enlightened Listbuilding Giveaway.

There’s no better way to ‘learn’ how to build your list than to ‘do it!’  The Enlightened Listbuilding Giveaway will take place Aug 1 – Aug 14. You’ll be able to reach hundreds of new subscribers with just ONE JV Event. Plus… Adela will host it! (Value Priceless!)

BONUS #4: 90-Day Enlightened Listbuilding Blueprint.

Walk away from the Enlightened Listbuilding Program with your own 90-Day of Listbuilding Blueprint. In order to take action you have to have an inspired plan. We’ll wrap up our program with a Vision Mapping session and plan out your List building for the next 90 days!

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I know what you’re thinking, “How much is ALL of this going to cost?” The Enlightened Listbuilding™ Program, plus all the bonuses, is valued at $5,923+, but that’s not what’s on offer today … and you can easily recoup your investment with just ONE Expert Interview!

“The training was excellent. Adela exudes passion for her subject, and is very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. A great coach and trainer. She inspires trust.”
Colin Tipping,
“I’m passionate about interviewing people but I didn’t know how to turn my passion into an income stream. Adela is a leader in this field and she is always immensely generous. This was no exception. She took us step by step through all the nuts and bolts, including ample time for 1-1 laser coaching.”
Rose Diamond,

Answers To a Few Questions You Might Have Before You Enroll

Ok, you get the value of Expert Interviews and how it will definitely put you on the fast track to growing your business by building your list and generating income. I’ve invested in over $100,000 worth of trainings, coaching and courses so I think I might have a few ideas about what comes after but …

Q: “Everyone is doing Expert Interviews. Every day I receive loads of invites to telesummits, radio shows, podcasts and more. How will Enlightened Listbuilding work for me?”

A: Here’s what’s different… YOU and the sequence in which you implement all of the elements of Enlightened Listbuilding! You get to bring your authentic essence, your passionate message, and the Tribe you are delighted to connect with to the Party. Business is a continuum. You’re going to have people that know less than you about your topic of expertise. You’re going to be speaking to people that you are specifically engineered to speak to. Enlightened Listbuilding is about building a Tribe that is personal and specific AND creating a network of joint venture partners who KNOW you and are EAGER to share your work with their Tribe too.


Q: “I’ve bought loads of courses and trainings and I just never implement them. How is this program going to help me get into action?”

A: Our Tuesday training call will be followed by a Q&A session, so we’ll have plenty of opportunities to get you into action. And… the program also includes a Facebook Group so that you stay connected with me and your colleagues throughout the program to take action. Plus, each module has an Action Checklist so that you know everything that you need to do. And… I will be rewarding action takers with special bonuses!


Q: “I’d love to but I just don’t have the money right now. Is there any other way for me to access the training?”

A: I’ll give you my instinctual response. If you’ve got that burning in your belly and you’re excited about the training, do whatever you have to do to register! I can’t tell you how many things I signed on for when I ‘didn’t have the money to do it.’ You will FIND the money if its in alignment for you. To allay the worry of financial flow I am also providing an easy 3-pay plan. If you KNOW that this will boost your business DO IT! If you want to wait, I will be creating a Home Study course this summer from the Live Training. It will launch in September.

Q: “How is Enlightened Listbuilding going to help me increase my Joint Ventures this year?”

A: Every graduate of the Enlightened Listbuilding program will have their 3 month schedule of Expert Interviews complete before the end of the training. Some of you will have it done the first week! There’s nothing that JV Partners love more than someone who KNOWS how to partner. There’s too much of a risk otherwise. Graduates will also be listed in my Juicy Joint Venture Rolodex.


My 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:

“I am putting ALL of the risk on ME!” If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy with ANY aspect of the course and it’s contents, then simply send me a quick email and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked! Like I said, all of the risk is on me!

-Adela Rubio

Next LIVE Training: May 17 thru  Jul 17

  • 6 Training Modules with Q&A at the end of EACH session. We’ll meet Thursdays, May 17 – Jul 17, 4pm – 5:30pm ET
  • 3 Get It Done Workshops. Half day sessions to ‘Get It Done.’ We’ll work on your (1) Guest Blog Posts, (2) Juicy Bonus Gift, and (3) Expert Interviews – hosting and guesting. Sessions run from 1pm-5pm ET. Workshop dates are: Jun 19, Jun 26 & Jul 10.
  • Enlightened Listbuilding Party. Let’s gather and celebrate how far you’ve come. We’ll share wins and also map out your Enlightened Listbuilding 90-day Blueprint.
  • All the Easy to Follow Templates, Worksheets, Telephone Scripts, Process Maps, and Checklists
  • Private Facebook Discussion Group. Get ongoing feedback from Adela and support from your peers. The quickest way to learn is with an aligned community!
  • Downloads for ALL the content: workbook, action guide, webinars, mp3s, pdfs, etc
  • Priceless partnership and community
  • Plus, all the Special Bonuses!

YES, I’m Ready to Grow My Business with Enlightened Listbuilding!

Put your hand up for leading the movement that you’re passionate about and serving more people through the power of community and conversation!

ONLY: $1,997

…Pay in 3-Easy Installments of $699

REGISTRATION CLOSES: Mon, May 16, midnight (ET)

And remember, this is a live course and we will be starting very shortly! Do not hesitate. Do not delay. Take action right now to increase your business for 2011!

I’ll see you on the first call!

P.S. Enlightened Listbuilding is the fast track strategy to build authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully, while serving your corner of the World. It works like gangbusters to turbo-charge your impact and income!

Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions. She is generous in delivering rich content: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all connections personal; repurposing the interview. She inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I’ve been resisting.”
Flo Mauri,
“I feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and confident to conduct my next interview! I have a clearer understanding of how to encapsulate, leverage, and offer my interviews. I walked away with over 30 tips, with examples, to guide me through Facebook. Adela has an astonishing skill set, which she shares readily & enthusiastically.”
Paula D'Andrea,
“Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. In today’s high speed, low touch, online environment, her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air. Loved your workshop and your energy. It was great to connect, learn and grow with like hearted peeps.”
Tal Shai,
“Adela is delightful, open and sharing. I was expecting to have a format for doing the actual interviews with experts. Instead, we were served up this delicious smorgasbord of detailed info for how to do all the behind the scenes preparation and ways we could repurpose.
Carol Fazakas