Launch Announcement

This is the email you’ll send to your Experts/JV Partners to remind them of the launch window and share the promotional materials.

You can use the following example to guide you in creating your own…

TIME SENSITIVE – Your Promo Email w/ Masked Affiliate Link

Our event is about to begin. How exciting!
I can’t wait to share your tips and strategies
on … [fill in topic results/outcomes]

The launch window for the [telesummit] runs
from … to…

[insert launch window dates, 7-10 days before
your first broadcast]

You will find your announcement email below
my signature.  I have also put all the promo
copy (including social media posts and more)
on this link for easy reference…

[put in link to promo page]

The promotional email already has your unique
affiliate link embedded in the body of the copy.
(We have already created a masked link for you.)

Here is the raw link, should you need it:
[put in raw affiliate link]

Please feel free to tweak the copy for your list.
Remember, your unique affiliate link must
remain EXACTLY as is in order  to track sales.

Any questions or problems, please contact me
at [include contact procedure – email, phone
help desk etc.].

Thank you for being a partner in our promotion!



Suggested Subject Line: Be my VIP Guest…

You are invited to attend, as my guest,
an extraordinary online teleconference
event that has the potential to change
how you think…

about your body, your energy, your life,
it may even transform what you
think is possible in your world.

2009 is a year of powerful movement,
Can you FEEL it?

CHANGE is palpable everywhere so we’ve
partnered up with bold voices in the fields
of health, wellness and personal evolution
to propel you into the next levels of You.

We’re starting a revolution …
A Self Care Mastery Revolution!

Reserve your free online pass now at:
==> http://www.selfcaremastery.com/

Enroll in the first ever
Self Care Mastery Revolution

15-week Intensive, featuring…
LIVE in-depth interviews with some of
the most in demand experts today …

Our speakers will provide cutting edge
information and show you how to:

*keep your vibration high in your workplace
*heal your body by ‘going green’
*increase your abundance with mind/body/spirit integration
*discover a new energy technique for graceful change.
*exploit the economic downturn and build your dream business
*release body fat by exercising less…shocking, I know!
*transform your relationship to your body
*live your creativity by powerfully aligning with your work
*use your consciousness to evolve at quantum speed

…and much, much more!

Reserve your online pass now at:
==>   http://www.selfcaremastery.com/

You will be learning from the most
respected health, wellness and self
development experts on the planet…

Colin Tipping
Maryam Webster
Frederic Patenaude
Suzanne Falter Barnes
Arjuna Ardagh
Vanda Mikoloski
Karen Vizer
Marney Makridakis
Ellen Britt
Rhonda Britten
Jennifer McLean
Jon Benson
Julie Jordan Scott
Julia Stewart
Marlena Field

and more…

These experts will educate, enlighten
and empower you to master your body,
your energy, and your life in ways you
may never have heard of,
or even considered possible…

The Self Care Mastery Revolution runs
every Wednesday thru May 6, 4PM Eastern/NY
so get this written into your calendar now!

Seats are limited so reserve your place

and did I mention that for a limited
time…the Self Care Mastery Revolution is…
totally F*REE! Sign Up Now At:

==>    http://www.selfcaremastery.com/

Take care,


P.S. If you can’t make Wednesdays,
register anyway…all calls will be
recorded (plus, you can also listen
via the internet…NO long-distance
telephone calls required!) so you
listen later…but only if you register!