Sales Page

Here’s a template:

Pre-head: Who this is for, ideal client

Magnetic Headline: Can include a Bold or provocative Statement/Question, Benefits, Targeted Niche

Subheadline: Continuation of headline, choose headline that is not as strong

Date/Time: Use automatic code to update with current date (you can search on the net to find code)

From the desk of:

Dear [what you call your ideal client]:

Introduction: Problem/Promise – reference your ideal client’s inner dialogue or Continuation of Headline

[Optional: Explain Why It’s So Important]

[Position Testimonials throughout after you make a bold claim, that supports that claim.]

[Optional: Sign up Button]

Position the Pain: May include, “It’s not your fault…”

Your Million Dollar Story

Testimonial and/or case studies that illustrate results your ideal client’s get from working with you.

Solution: Introduce Product. Emphasize results your ideal client will get, look to juicy benefits for ideas.

Features of Product: short bullet points (this would be 10 mp3 recordings, 10 PDF transcripts, etc.)

Juicy Benefits intermingled with testimonials

Also include:
…price (overcome price objections)

Objections (Time and or FAQ)

Restate Offer in a box


PS State any urgencies or objections and then a call to action