Series Launch

Ok, it’s Launch Day! This is the day you start broadcasting your series and you’re all revved up! Make sure to share that juice with your peeps…

Are you ready to tap into your Conscious
Business Model? Our adventure begins today . . .

We meet at 4pm ET, if you’d like to check in
and say hello I will be online at 3:55pm ET.

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Call #1:  The Conscious Business Model. How to
Partner Powerfully and Profitably by Aligning
Meaning, Message and Markets. [Adela Rubio]

What questions do you have about creating your
Conscious Business?

Create an intention to engage the potential
that is calling your name in this moment.

What are your questions? What will propel you
to YOUR next step? What will anchor your
vision and make it real?

Submit your questions at the link below:
[insert your webcast link or FB Event]

If you’d like a more interactive experience,
we’ll be using Tweetchat:

[tweechat link]

~ ~ ~

Here’s how to make the most of the series,

1. Find a space with no distractions. We’ll start
the calls with a connection.

2. Have a pad and pencil handy to jot down insights.
There’s something to writing long hand that gives
you access to the deepest aspects of you.

3. Intend to engage fully. Invite your full presence
to these calls and you’ll be amazed at what shows up.