Social Media Posts

The trick to creating engaging social media tips is to make a bold, provocative or curiosity-inducing statement or question.

Here are some that I created for the Conscious Business Telesummit. I included the hashtag also …

Join forces with a global network of Conscious Business Leaders├┤ @adelarubio http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

How to Make a 6-Figure Income with a 3-Figure List @masterycoach http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

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How to partner powerfully and profitably by aligning meaning, message and markets @adelarubio http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Are you a Copycat Entrepreneur? Your authentic self trumps everyone! @ellenbritt http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Avoid The 3 biggest mistakes Healers, Coaches and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs make with money @energyrichcoach http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

How to Quickly Release Obstacles to Your Business and Find Your True Gifts @bigbookofyou http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

You’ve got 1/20th of a second to grab your market. Craft Your Juicy Business Hook @suzannefb http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Stop “Marketing” and Start a Movement. Ready to champion your cause? @SuzanneEvans http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Explore the Spontaneous Evolution of Your Business with Swami Beyondananda http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Define your Heroic Business: find the empowering story to a prosperous business @chriscade http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

Make a 6-Figure Income with a 3-Figure List @masterycoach http://consciousbusinesstelesummit.com #CBT09

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