Summit Welcome

Here’s the summit welcome from the 2nd Conscious Business Telesummit: Mastering Your Inner Game. You want to connect with the energy of the event and what potential and intentions you are bringing into being.

Make sure to model the flow, but adapt the copy to your own voice, telesummit format and style. My format was 10 days + bonus. I hosted it on Instant Telseminar at the time. I would do it on a Thank You/Replay Page on my site now.

In just a few days we’re launching our program . . .
can you feel the energy building?

Take a moment to create your intention and tap
into the collective energy of this extraordinary group
of conscious business entrepreneurs looking to bring
their work into the world powerfully and profitably.

The Conscious Business Telesummit runs for 10 days.
It begins on Thu, Jan 14, and ends on Wed Jan 27. There
will be a bonus call on Feb 10. There are 11 expert calls.

You will receive ONE email per day during the series with
the dial-in and webcast links, along with speaker offers.
Dial-in & Webcast Info
Bridgeline: 201-793-0051, pin 611586#

Thu – Jan 14, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #1: Adela Rubio

Fri – Jan 15, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #2: Jennifer McLean

Mon – Jan 18, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #3: Maryam Webster

Tue – Jan 19, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #4: Mary Allen

Wed – Jan 20, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #5: Mattison Grey

Thu – Jan 21, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #6: Mike Robbins

Fri – Jan 22, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #7: Ellen Britt

Mon – Jan 25, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #8: Dr Dean Shrock

Tue – Jan 26, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #9: Ariane de Bonvoisin

Wed – Jan 27, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #10: Colin Tipping

Bonus Call – Wed, Feb 10, 4pm ET/1pm PT
Conscious Business Telesummit #11: Eva Gregory


You can participate in the calls via bridgeline, computer webcast
or 24 hr replay.

I have built in a Q&A portion to all of the calls. Take advantage
of this opportunity to ask the experts your questions. Submit your
questions well in advance via the webcast links in each email.

Speaker and VIP Partner Bonuses: Our speakers, and VIP
Partners, have contributed select bonuses for the Telesummit.
You’ll get a link to the Bonus Page later on in the series.


Due to the volume of participants in this series, our experts provide
exclusive offers. Many of the topics covered are quite extensive and
you may want to explore additional training.

I reserve the last 5 minutes of each call for speaker offers. This is
NOT a pitch fest. I see it as a service. I am an affiliate for all of
our speakers. If there’s a match, hooha for us all. This is part of my
Conscious Business Model. Win, Win, Win.

This is an intensive designed for you to experience business
breakthroughs. Go at your own pace, but do take advantage of
this extraordinary event to position yourself for outrageous

Any questions or problems with links, replays or downloads
please email support@adelarubio.com

Thanks for playing powerfully!

Adela Rubio
Host and Founder