VIP Bonus Request

Hosting a VIP Bonus Page is a great way to help your Experts also add new subscribers to their list. Here’s how to request the information that you’ll need to build the page.

Subject: Interested in adding new subscribers?

Ready to build your list during the event? This isn’t a requirement, but I am putting together a VIP Bonus Gift page and would love your participation.

This should be something that is not normally available on your site. Perhaps it’s your giveaway packaged with some extra value bonuses like audios, transcripts or checklists.

Here’s what you need to get to me by [Day/Date/Time].

  • Title of Bonus
  • Description : 2-3 sentences with benefits and target market
  • Short bio: 1-2 sentences.
  • Image of Bonus or YOU
  • $ Value of Bonus
  • Link to Opt-in Page

Let me know if you’ll be participating by hitting reply. I’m very excited to have you onboard.