• Sales Page Checklist
  • Sales Page Checklist
    Sales Page Checklist

    Sales page writing is an art and a highly paid skill! Copywriters usually charge in the thousands, with pro copywriters easily charging $10k+ Folks invest years and thousands of dollars learning the art of sales copywriting.

    You don’t have to become a copywriting ninja, and you can outsource this, but…. I highly recommend you learn the basics. It’s a skill worth acquiring as a business owner.

    here’s a 12-point sales page checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the elements:

    Step 1: Prehead.

    Engage your reader’s attention! Position your niched market, or position the problem/promise of your series.

    Step 2: Kick Butt Headline.

    List the ultimate “best reason”, the most desirable result, the biggest benefit. Use specifics instead of generalities and include a time frame for results, if possible. You may also include a subheadline to further explain the headline.

    Step 3: Add Visual Elements.

    Include a short video (2-3 minutes) to Illustrate the problem/promise of your series. Also, make sure to use royalty free stock photo throughout your page.

    Step 4: State the Problem.

    Position your ‘thesis’ (the problem and the promise) and then support it in 3 additional paragraph groupings with subheadlines and content that hints at a solution, shares a discovery and/or explains a concept.

    Step 5: Position Your Product.

    Explain what you have to offer in your series that will help the reader to solve the problem they are facing. Tell a story to explain HOW you found out what you’ll be sharing in the series. Empathize with the reader – you’ve been where they were and look at how things have changed since you made your discovery of “what works”. Describe your clients’ pain and promise. Illustrate the gap, the cost of where they are vs where they want to be, and connect emotionally with your reader. Point out what makes you different than the rest of those out there who might be offering something similar. Refer to tips, strategies, practices, etc. that you reveal in your series.

    Step 6: Provide Proof.

    Provide testimonials that point to specific results or shifts, regarding their specific challenges. Add a picture, website and/or a title to increase credibility. Do NOT include live web links. If you can get celebrity/colleague endorsements it’s a plus! If you don’t have testimonials yet, use quotes that illustrate the benefits of your series.

    Step 7: Share HOT Benefits.

    Include 5-7 benefit-laden bullet points in a bulleted list that stress benefits, not features; stress particulars, not generalities; stress majors, not minors. You can accentuate this list by setting it off in a colored content box.

    Step 8: State Your Authentic Urgency.

    Mention a special price, incentive, bonus, or deadline in your call to action. Have a specific and REAL reason for doing this. If you can’t find one, don’t do it!

    Step 9: Make a Promise.

    Use your guarantee to remove all risk to the buyer. Include a graphic ‘guarantee image’ and your specific guarantee promise. It may be helpful to also include a FAQ on questions they may have about your product. To further reduce risk, include your contact information (helpdesk or support email) in the footer of your sales page.

    Step 10: Create a Prominent Order Form.

    Your order form should list the features (what’s included) plus an order button. Make it stand out by putting it in a colored content box.

    Step 11: Include Your Signature.

    Include your picture and signature signoff, this creates further familiarity, trust and credibility.

    Step 12: Add a Postscript.

    Use your postscript to recap the offer, remind of a key benefit and/or reinforce the call to action.