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Things are changing everywhere, all the time — in the economy, government, online. And it doesn’t look like the rate of change is going to slow down any time soon. Whether you look at the global or the local landscape, your personal or professional life, change is on the menu.

You can easily get discouraged and fall into the failure of the ‘economic stimulus’ and the energy crisis, the divorce and the downsizing, the market downfall and the Mayan calendar. Or you can claim the invitation to take full responsibility for your own flow, whether it’s your ideas or your income.

In times such as these, the only place where you can truly, and safely, anchor yourself is your inner world of hopes and dreams, passion and vision. Your inner compass is your most valuable resource when the world is in flux. Investing your energy in things that aliven and inspire you, are solid strategies to embody your infinite equilibrium and flow.

A passion, and purpose driven, business is the antidote to a world sourced by external forces. It’s time to free your Essence and BE your flow. After all, you come from a long line of evolutionary adventurers.

Here are 3 steps to share your message and your passion:

1. Become an authority. When you look for a doctor, will anyone just do? No! You look for the best. You want someone who has the experience, and know how, to address your ills. In your business, that’s exactly what your prospective clients want. They want to know that you know how to help them. Expertise and experience, are what people are willing to pay for. If you’re not an authority yet, you need to become one, and it’s not as hard as you think.

2. Help more people. The best thing that you can do for your business is to take massive action in helping more people. You can leverage your know how, and your passions, by working with more people. That means getting the expertise that you already have … Out There! The more people you work with the clearer you become on your niched message and market. The format doesn’t matter — teleclasses, blog posts, expert interviews, Q&A’s, Strategy Sessions, etc. — what matters is that you deliver it ‘in your element.’ Don’t try to trudge through writing blog posts if you’re a natural on camera. Do video, honor your essence! What’s important is that you commit to helping more people, and there’s a way to increase your impact and reach, right away.

3. Do more joint ventures. I don’t know about you, but in high school I was not the girl who waited for the guy to ask her out to dance. I would just start dancing, and sure enough, someone would join me right away… either a boy friend or a girl friend. It’s a lot more fun to dance, than to wait for someone to ask you before you dance. It’s the same thing with joint ventures. If you’re waiting for someone to approach you first, you might be waiting a while. Do your research to find aligned joint venture partners and initiate a conversation. Take charge of engaging in the dance of partnership and you will impact more people, in less time.

Partnership is the currency of the new economy and your business model should include opportunities to partner with other conscious entrepreneurs. It will grow your business, and theirs, and create added value for your community. Today, more than ever, the passion that stirs you can be the very balm that soothes your soul and nurtures your essence.

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