Surveys: Get Testimonials, Your Tribe’s Hot Topics and Clarify Your Authentic Message
Surveys: Get Testimonials, Your Tribe’s Hot Topics and Clarify Your Authentic Message

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what your clients really want? You could serve them easily, no bumbling and fumbling around. No hit or miss programs and services. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

However, there is a way for you to find out more about your clients and customers. A short and targeted survey can be used to gather quality information that can be used to improve many aspects of your business

One area where you can benefit immensely is with your online events and trainings. A survey will not only help you improve them, but you’ll be able to glean specific information about how to best serve your clients and customers.

One way you can solicit feedback from your customers and subscribers is to send a short survey. Of course, not everyone will jump at the chance to complete a survey, but there are ways to set up your survey for optimal outcomes.

4 Ways to Increase Survey Participation

Most people have lots of things clamoring for their attention. Since they’re pressed for time you need to make it easy and worthwhile for them to participate. Here are some things you can do to increase your survey responses:

1. Share What’s In It For Them. Let them know what you’re going to do with the information they give you. Are you going to use it to develop a new product or program? Will it help you improve customer service? Will you use their feedback on your website? Let them know. They need to know what you’re going to do with the information and how it will benefit them.

2. Let Them Know How Long It Will Take. People want to be helpful, especially if they have had a positive experience with you. However, you need to let them know how long the survey will take. Tell them up front how many questions, or how many minutes. Most folks will readily spend 5 minutes, don’t ask for 20. Make it easy to say, “Yes!”

3. Thank Them in Advance. Your customers and subscribers don’t have to give you feedback. That’s why you need to be really nice and show them your appreciation. A simple “thank you” in advance goes a long way.

4. Give Them a Gift. Offering an ethical bribe will increase your chances of getting your survey completed. You can offer a recording, a special report, a video or a great discount on a future purchase. It’s a great way to say, “Thank you.”

How to Structure a Simple Survey

One of the easiest survey formats is a simple set of 4-questions that will help you identify your Tribe’s key problems, identify your marketing differentiation and elicit testimonials for your programs & services.

Here are four suggested questions that will help you glean priceless information:

1. What has been the most valuable thing you’ve gotten from [Event Name]?

This question clarifies the benefits experienced during your event. Even better, it gives you the specific language your Tribe uses to describe the specific results experienced. This is key when you are drafting ALL your copy: squeeze page, promotion emails, social media posts and sales pages.

2. What has been your experience of [Your Name] as host for [Event Name]?

People are not only attracted to work with you because of the results you deliver, but also because of who you are. This question will elicit not only what’s brilliant about you but how you deliver the solution to a problem they have.

3. What questions do you still have about [Core Problem]?

You’ll want to know what other problems your clients still have. Even though they may have just participated in your online training, or event, there is more you can help them with.

4. Any other feedback you’d like to provide regarding [Event Name]?

Your survey respondents have an opportunity to share additional information, that may not have been covered in the previous 3 questions. Often folks might not connect with your language, but a simple request for feedback might elicit a torrent of information.

Here’s the last thing element I’d add to the survey, make this totally optional:

I’d appreciate featuring your feedback on my website and blog. If you’re a YES! Please provide your name and website.

If you’d like to see an example of a survey I’m using for one of my current programs, you can check it out here. And … if you want to use the tool I used to create the surveys, I highly recommend it. Unlike the paid Survey Monkey subscription, it’s a one time cost of $97 and hosted on your website. They’ll even install it for you. You can check it out through my affiliate link.

Surveys are a powerful tool, to gather testimonials, identify your Tribe’s hot topics and clarify your authentic message. Don’t postpone gathering the information that will help you serve your Tribe and grow your business.