Tech Tips
Tech Tips

In today’s economy sometimes you just can’t spare the $300-$400 monthly fees for a Virtual Assistant, let alone the higher fees of webmasters.

Sometimes you just have to ‘Get It Done.’ That means you get to do it yourself.

There’s nothing embarrassing about bootstrapping. It’s one of the ways to cut business costs, especially if you’re trying to stay profitable.

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Adela Rubio is a joint venture strategist and expert tribe builder. She has hosted and produced over twelve virtual events, with more than 150+ JV partners. She teaches community leaders and creative change agents how to build authority, increase visibility and position their message powerfully online, through the power of joint ventures and experiential online events.

Adela is also an ex-techie and has done every technical aspect of hosting virtual events. Plus, she is a two-time Amazon bestseller. You can find out more about Adela’s programs, products and services at