4. Marketing
How to Create a Quote Graphic and Share Your Message (7:19)

You see these everywhere, don’t you? They’re on Facebook, Pinterest, and even on websites. It’s an inspiring quote with an image that evokes the invitation you’re making to your readers. Here on the left is one that I posted to Facebook this morning.

Here’s what you may not realize: Pictures tap into the most primeval aspects of your being. Before you learned to read, or even speak, you learned everything you know visually. And before written language evolved, pictures were one of the ways stories were shared.

What’s the story of your message, your vision? What experiences are you looking to create, to invoke, to guide your community through?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” AND… you can “have your cake and eat it too.” You’ll pack a double whammy when you share an image with the message you’re looking to share. Why don’t you try your hand at it?

You can create your own quote graphic with a simple tool called Pixlr Editor. Here’s a short video (7:19) that walks you through it…


Go ahead! Create your own and don’t forget to share a link with your own quote graphic below.