Welcome to Tech Tip Fridays.

Every Friday you’ll get a video training or blog post outlining how to handle one of the many technical tasks of running your online business. The trainings will be under 10 minutes.

But before you dive into your bonus, I’d love to know the ‘techy thing’ you struggle with most. I’d be happy to create a training video on the technical topic you MOST need help with.

Here’s your bonus PDF gift…
12 Steps to Your Own WordPress Website

To download on a PC:
Ctrl + Right Click + ‘Save As’ to your computer

To download on a MAC:
Control + Click + ‘Save Link As’ to your computer

Make sure to share the link to your NEW site on the Enlightened Listbuilding Fan Page.

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PS From time to time you’ll also receive offers for products which I use and endorse.┬áThese are designed to streamline and automate your business. I hope you find them as helpful as I have. (I may receive an affiliate commission for some offers.)