Step 1. Target a Problem

  • Identify a hot topic and title for your event.
  • Give some thought to your Authentic Message, the movement you are eager to lead, the change you excitedly champion/facilitate. You’ll need this rocket fuel to power up your intention and activate your event.

Step 2. Recruit Your Experts

  • Find 9-14 Experts that meet the 5 Juicy JV Criteria
  • Join their mailing list and notice how they promote: do they send solo emails, etc.
  • Start connecting with them on social media and commenting on their blog
  • When ready (at least 90 days before your tentative telesummit dates) send out a Speaker Invite.
  • Host a JV Chat. You can use the JV Chat Checklist to make sure you cover everything.
  • Follow up with an email including event details, you can use the Speaker Welcome to get you started.

Step 3. Interview Your Experts

  • Schedule and host your 9-14 interviews. You can use this interview template to model your own. Remember to follow your own muse!
  • Determine whether someone will interview you or if you’ll lead a call.
  • Get your interviews transcribed.

Step 4. Build Your Web Pages & Sales Process

Build Your Web Pages

Create Your Product & Mailing List

  • Create Customer Mailing List
  • Create Product in Shopping Cart
  • Create Thank You Email

Create Event Followup Autoresponder

Step 5. Establish Your Promotion

Create Promo Copy

Create JV Partner Copy