2-Recruit 15 Experts

We’ll cover the best spots to find JV partners and how to determine which partners align best with your Tribe and your Hot Topics. Plus, how to create an authentic connection that will have them say “Yes!” to your JV Offer.

Step 1. SEVEN Spots to Find Your Juicy JV Partners (8:26)

Step 2. Use the SIX Juicy JV Criteria to find Your BEST Partners (4:33)

Step 3. THREE Easy Ways to Create Rapport With Your Partners Before You Approach for a Juicy JV Chat (4:43)

Step 4. FIVE Ways to Land a Juicy JV Chat (7:57)

Step 5. How to Have a Juicy JV Chat that Creates Rapport, Trust and Long Term Partnership (15:34)

Bonus: How to Prepare for Your JV Chat (15:34)