• Traffic Boosting Sequence
  • Traffic Boosting Sequence
    Traffic Boosting Sequence

    Your Tribe will say, “Yes!” to your invitations as long as you provide valuable content, your differentiation is authentic and compelling and you have positioned yourself as an authority on your topic. Here are three strategies that work like gangbusters:

    1. Traffic Trifecta. This strategy requires three elements: (1) Write a blog post related to the topic of your interview and add a call to action at the bottom, with a link to your Opt In Page. (2) Use social media posts, social bookmarking sites and friends to drive traffic to your blog post. (3) Use video and event sites to drive traffic to your opt-in page.
    2. Guest Interviews. Identify joint venture partners that speak to the same Tribe and have them host an interview of you at their community.  As a bonus, make sure to provide them with a blog post on your topic, to create trust and feature your expertise to their Tribe.
    3. Training Video Series. Record 5-7 short videos, 2-3 minutes in length, where you share tips on your topic. Create a special autoresponder series that delivers timed notices that run on auto pilot. Create a separate opt in page and drive traffic to it, using social media.