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If you’d like to experience a short ‘guided imagery’ and explore your ‘WHO,’ play the short video above…

When you’re exploring the ‘WHO’ that you serve in your business, some helpful places to discover specifics might be…

  • Who were you before you reached your current level of mastery. What were the limiting beliefs that kept running through your head? What were your doubts? What did you need help with?
  • When you think of your most successful clients, what common characteristics, background, experience, commonalities do they share?
  • What groups of people, or causes, stir your passions and energize you? Your tribe may be enmeshed with your personal passions and strong opinions.

Explore the adventure of your personal and business experiences … what held YOU hostage in your business, that you have now mastered.

You might get some great insights about YOUR who. Then you’ll be ready to test it out in the laboratory of your life.