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So … in case you hadn’t figured it out, in the last few videos I’ve been sharing the first way to build your tribe with Expert Interviews:

#1 Build Your Tribe

Now, when I talk about Tribe I mean the people you serve AND the people you partner with. If the word Tribe doesn’t resonate for you, switch it out for something that does… Market, Niche, Community, etc.

Today I’d like for you to explore who are the partners that you can connect with right away. You might think of those easy and comfortable relationships that you already have. They may be mentors or colleagues, folks in your circle whom you admire and whose work you’ve experienced. Someone that you’re a True Fan of.

You might also want to explore those folks that might feel like a bit of a stretch, beyond your comfort zone. It might be a leader in your field, someone whose work you’ve admired and whom you’d love to meet. You might even be a bit in awe of them. When you think of contacting them there’s an excitement AND an edgy nervous energy.

Jot down some names…  Now contact ONE person from this second group right now. Decide whether you want to email them or message them through social media and include the following elements in your communication:

  • Your Who. What very specific folks do you serve? Who are you excited to facilitate a experience of change for?
  • Your Why.  What wakes you up each morning excited about your work, your vision, and how you can make a difference?
  • Your How. How do you deliver your body of work? Telesummits, teleconferences, video, workshops, interviews, books, blogs… this also includes your WHAT, the problem that you solve.

Make it brief. It shouldn’t be more than 3 sentences and close with a Call to Action. Think about what you’d like to partner on and invite them to a phone conversation. When you have synergy with your potential partners around the above 3 elements you have the foundation for a juicy Joint Venture.

Build your Tribe! It’s all about connecting with the folks whom you’re here to serve AND partner with!