Craft Your 2012 Vision
Thu, Jan 19, 4pm – 6pm ET

Lots of folks talk about resolutions, map out a business plan or set bigger goals at this time of year.

Let’s explore your 2012 intentions as a partnership of your essence, message and the creative movement you’re eager to bring into being.  Let’s explore, your…

Authentic Essence  ♦  Tribe Building Message
Visionary Potential

Whether it’s personally, or professionally, you’re sure to embody more of what you’re wanting to bring into being by exploring and engaging possibility in a vibrant 2 hr session with like-minded adventurers.

Bring to the call your willingness to explore and your fave scribing tools, long hand writing is most powerful.

You can use the resources below, with PLENTY of experiential opportunities, or you can show up ‘as is’ on the call with a pad and a pen. We’ll be doing plenty of writing and mapping out possibilities…


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