Why You Must Use Audio and Video in Your Business

If you’ve been dragging your feet on adding video to share your message, you’ll want to check out this short video by my friends over at Business Building Shortcuts — Deb & Mynders.

Here’s just a few ways that video can help you in your business:

  • Accelerate the Know, Like & Trust Factor with your subscribers
  • Boost your opt-in rates
  • Leverage your videos to create products and trainings

Deb shares even more reasons why you’ll want to implement video in your business right away.


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Flo Mauri

The Listbuilding with Expert Interviews was great. Believe it or not, you inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I've been resisting. Lots of gold nuggets: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all...

Flo Mauri
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